Allergy Tests to Help Asthma | Test Your Intolerance

Not many people realise this, but asthma and allergies are actually connected. The two are closely related and can have quite an impact on one another. Here we cover the relationship between these two conditions and how an allergy test can help you manage asthmatic symptoms.

What does an allergy test have to do with asthma?

Allergies can actually be the root cause of asthma. This is the case for a large portion of asthma sufferers. For example, a dust allergy can be what brings out a variety of reactions, which include lung issues such as coughing and wheezing. All allergy symptoms are your body’s way of dealing with a perceived threat. Asthma that develops due to allergies is referred to as “allergic asthma”. Meaning that it was an allergic reaction that triggered the initial onset of asthma. After which the allergen can trigger further asthma attacks.

How can an allergy test help asthma?

Allergy can be helpful in managing asthma and, with proper diagnosis and avoidance can even help you to alleviate symptoms. Allergic asthma occurs when your body is fighting off the allergen. The lungs and airways are affected, causing asthmatic symptoms. Once you know what it is that causes your asthma attacks, you can avoid them altogether. Thus, eliminating your symptoms.

While allergies and asthma are largely recognised as completely separate conditions, there is some evidence showing that treating one can help alleviate the other. Treating an allergy isn’t a cure-all for asthma though. As asthma can be caused by other issues and many asthmatics have no allergies what-so-ever. It’s still worth checking for and treating allergies though, as helping one condition can help improve quality of life overall.

Allergies and asthma aren’t always found together

In the US approximately 60% of those with asthma have at least one allergy. Leaving around 40% of the asthmatic population completely without allergies. Those with allergic asthma are more likely to experience asthma attacks as an adult.

Both allergies and asthma are undesirable conditions but understanding the relationship between the two can help you to minimise symptoms and make the best out of the situation. A great way to understand the relationship between your asthma and its triggers is to get an allergy test and learn whether your asthma is allergic or not.