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Bioresonance Tests

Hair sample testing on up to 800 items

Discover your trigger items

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Please note: We only need one sample of your hair and using our extensive systems, we will email the results. Your test results will include all items tested regardless of reaction level.

What’s included:

Downloadable submission form to send with your hair sample
Your PDF report emailed to you detailing your results
A helpful guide on how to perform an elimination diet
28 day follow up email programme
Our exclusive 19-page intolerance guide
Free 6 week food diary download
24 hour 7 day a week support


Facilities certified to ISO 9001
Results from our labs in 7 days
800 food items & non-food items tested
Over 10 years delivering results worldwide

Tests completed worldwide

Hair tested - Bioresonance Intolerance Tests

The Science

Bioresonance hair testing helps us to identify what food items you are intolerant to. Check out the science behind our tests below!

Intolerance tests Hair test - Bioresonance Intolerance Tests

Our hair labs

Working around the clock, our lab technicians ensure your samples are handled with care. See what happens behind the scenes.

More about our hair sample testing

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Our customer promise. Service to you.

As a global leading health brand, we’re proud to make our transparent Five-Point Promise to each and every customer as well as offering you our No Quibble Guarantee.

Chat live in any language you prefer; 24 hours, 7 days a week.
Receive accurate results within 10 days of arriving at our testing centre or 14 days for DNA.
Easy to understand, expert advice is available online.
We promise to resolve any complaints fully within just 7 days.

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Step 3

Follow the instructions to take your sample.

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Step 4

Make positive changes with your results

Report 1 - Bioresonance Intolerance Tests

Up to 800 food items & non-food items in one report

Hair testing on up to 800 items

Test Your Intolerance have been constantly improving our hair tests since 2008 and we now believe that we offer the highest quality non-IgE mediated scientific test available anywhere in the world.

Offering bioresonance hair testing to our customers, we can provide people with smart and efficient results which help them to identify dietary or environmental changes in their lives.

Order online or call 01332 850085

Blood - Bioresonance Intolerance Tests


Our most accurate home-to-lab allergy and intolerance test from a small finger-prick blood testing kit delivered to your door.

Hair - Bioresonance Intolerance Tests


Send us a small hair sample and within 7 working days, you'll have your comprehensive report identifying trigger items.

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Simple tests for understanding your body quickly with these concise tests. Knowledge is power with these easy to use tests.

Bundle - Bioresonance Intolerance Tests


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