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Hello! We’ve heard you are looking to get healthier and fitter for this year! With the summer season now not far away, we are all looking to get beach body ready by starting exercise routines! But, is something holding you back? Could it be a food allergy? With food allergy testing, Test Your Intolerance can help you to try and get rid of your food allergies and your symptoms, enabling you to improve your lifestyle. BUT, what can you do to make sure you are exercising correctly and are getting the best out of your fitness? You can take a myDNA test alongside your allergy test which ensures you can be happier and healthier at the same time!

How DNA relates to our health

DNA itself is often described as the building blocks of life. When you hear about DNA, most people think about fingerprints and it being used in a crime or in genetics, but it can actually be used to locate what the best fitness routine is for you! But do you know what DNA is? It’s a unique set of instructions that we all have packaged up within each of our body’s cells. This means it is more important than ever that we know what our DNA does and what our DNA is. By understanding what your DNA is, you know what you should eat, what you should drink and also how you should exercise. Alongside allergy testing, Test Your Intolerance can offer specific types of DNA testing which ensure that you are healthier.

Controlling our own lifestyle

Our DNA controls many aspects of who we are – from our eye, hair and skin colour, to how tall we are and how we respond to things like caffeine. If you have taken intolerance or allergy testing before and caffeine has been highlighted on it, then this myDNA test could be exactly what you need to find out why. DNA is important to our health as it can determine whether or not we are predisposed (likely) to develop certain diseases, how we will process certain medications and how our bodies respond to certain diets.

This myDNA testing kit product analyses a total of 18 genetic markers which are known to influence weight management, cardiovascular health, fitness (i.e. Power Vs endurance aptitude, etc) as well as caffeine metabolism. This makes it the perfect foil for allergy testing. Order your testing kits today in our exclusive bundle!

What you need to know

DNA tests cannot provide information on ‘acquired’ allergies (i.e. allergy developed after exposure) and they cannot account for the impact of environmental factors – for example eating an unhealthy diet or not exercising. This is why you should also consider allergy testing alongside your myDNA testing kit, it could be perfect for your lifestyle!

More information on allergy testing

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