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How important are minerals in your diet?

Minerals (along with vitamins) are required for a wide variety of functions in the body. They are used for fluid balance, the formation of bones and teeth, involved in nerve function and allow us to unlock the energy in our food amongst other things. An example of...

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Food allergies and stress: Is there a link?

If you have one bad day or make an isolated mistake at work or in your personal life, then it can sometimes hold you back. However, this is what it can be like for many people living with food allergies, or have a family member who does. Constantly stressing and...

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5 ways an intolerance to wheat doesn’t mean defeat

Don't let a wheat intolerance affect you this summer. Our favourite time of the year usually brings BBQ's, outside cuisine, exotic foods and general fun in the sun. It's not all about food in the summer season, but it is important, especially if you have an...

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Your bloating can happen at any point

Do you want the good news or the bad news first about your bloating? Keep reading on to find out some key ways which can help you to beat the bloat: Bloating can happen, but you can manage it We'll start with the bad news. A bloated stomach can appear due to a food...

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Eat well and battle against fatigue

By eating well, you can battle against the fatigue that you are experiencing. You might think it is down to over-exertion or stress at work, but it could actually be a food intolerance. By identifying your food intolerances with a food intolerance test, you can learn...

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View our blood and bioresonance tests

We use Bioresonance equipment to perform our hair tests. Discover more about Bioresonance
testing including the process and research papers on our dedicate Bioresonance page.

Discover more about our Blood Tests. The Elite test uses a small blood spot kit which
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