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Do you have an intolerance to feathers?

This week we’re going to have a look at one of our non-food intolerances that we test for in our Intolerance Test: Feathers. More specifically: Goose, Chicken, Duck and Turkey Feathers. For centuries, humans across the globe have used down feathers for insulation....

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Super Foods – Eggs

This week we’re going to take a closer look at Eggs. Even though they seem to have become a staple in most cultural diets all over the world, it is important to get the facts on what eggs can do to your body. For many members of the baby boom era, eating an egg was...

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Why is chocolate bad for you?

Everyone knows that too much chocolate can be bad for you, but do we really know why? New research shows that not only does it cause fatty deposits to build up over the consumer’s body (usually in the least desirable places!) but regular c consumption can lead to...

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Boosting your immune system

This week we are going to look at boosting your immune system. What can we do to ward off the dreaded cold and flu bugs? The answer is plain and simple – STRENGTHEN YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM. We love Ginger and think it is a magic herb – and it’s great for anyone to have if...

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Super Foods – Avocados

Avocados (or sometimes ‘Alligator Pears’) are a fruit, containing a large seed inside it. They are grown in tropical climates and one avocado tree can grow up to 1,200 avocados annually. They are often described as a super food as they lower cholesterol levels,...

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Could alcohol be causing your symptoms?

What do you think when you look at this picture? Are you already looking forward to your alcohol drink later today? Unsurprisingly, there will be some people who have different reactions. Many people don’t drink because they simply don’t like it or have had a bad...

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Super Foods – Asparagus

For some – Asparagus can make your wee smelly! Why does this happen? Well, Asparagus contains a sulphur compound called mercaptan. When your digestive system breaks down the mercaptan, a by-product is that it releases a strange smell. This process can be so quick that...

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