These Foods Often Cause Allergies | Test Your Intolerance

If you are looking at trying allergy testing, then you need to think about then you need to make sure you are choosing the right test. If you are suffering from allergic symptoms like swelling, hives and even throat sores, then allergy testing is right for you. Let’s think about your diet for a second… Does it commonly involve peanuts, dairy or wheat? If so, then you might have an allergy to one of the food items listed below:

1) Peanuts

Peanuts are one of the most common food allergies, and they can have dangerous consequences that you simply need to know about. Even the tiniest trace of peanuts can cause deadly symptoms, especially in people who are suffering from a severe peanut allergy. They can cause deadly reactions if not dealt with correctly, and this is why you need to identify if you have a peanut allergy with allergy testing. You can get started here. Make sure you are not suffering from constriction of the airways whenever you consume peanuts.

2) Wheat

Wheat is one of the most common foods in your diet. It is a glue-like protein and can cause both itchiness and swelling if you consume whilst you have a wheat allergy. You cannot get rid of your wheat allergy but you can manage it. Make sure you discover what is causing your symptoms by ordering an allergy test from Test Your Intolerance today. In the most severe case, wheat allergy can trigger anaphylaxis, so make sure you avoid wheat. Symptoms of a wheat allergy include cramping, diarrhoea and even nausea.

3) Pollen (Hay fever)

It seems like almost everybody we know suffers from hay fever! It is a horrible thing to experience and can be so frustrating, especially in the summer. They tend to present themselves in late summer or early Autumn, so if you start to experience allergy symptoms around these times, you could have a pollen allergy. Ragweed is a common culprit and can often cause hayfever, which makes someone miserable. To help you manage your symptoms easier, you should consider allergy testing.

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