Here at test your intolerance, we like the idea of our customers coming to us with symptoms, conducting a sensitivity test, and then sending them on their merry way. We take pride in the fact that we support all of our customers after their tests, to make meaningful changes to their diet, and help improve your quality of life overall. This is also why we offer nutritional therapy and even give a complimentary session to those who purchase any complete test. But some might not realise the additional benefits that nutritional therapy can offer, so we’re going to explain why nutritional therapy can be so helpful in making changes that last.

Benefits of Nutritional Therapy

Additional & Tailored Guidance

The guidance offered through nutritional therapy will be far more in-depth and personal than anything that can be provided en masse. Sessions with a nutritional therapist will take a holistic approach to diet, looking at your life as a whole instead of a simple set of symptoms. A deeper insight into your day-to-day means that advice and guidance will be far more actionable and easier to work around your life.

Deeper understanding of your test results

We receive many questions regarding people’s test results – which we are happy to answer – but many of these questions require a more detailed understanding of a person’s situation and background before answering. This is where a nutritional therapy session would be more beneficial and allow you to get answers much more efficiently. Nutritional therapists can look over your results, clarify any uncertainties, and then offer tailored advice on how to move forward.


It can’t be stressed enough just how impactful having someone else to be accountable to can benefit us in any endeavor. Having a nutritional therapist to report back to on your dietary changes can help you stay on track in moments of weakness. It also gets you to block out regular time to assess how those adjustments are impacting you and adjust where necessary.

Final thoughts

Nutritional therapy can be very beneficial for anyone who feels that they need a little more guidance on their next steps and how to approach their results. It could be the answer you’re looking for in how to make the most out of your test results.