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Allergies or Intolerances to Protein Supplements

After a long strenuous workout, many of us like to indulge in protein powders, helping us to become strong and fit, however, many of us overindulge. This may lead to your body developing an allergy or intolerance to protein powder. This isn’t good if you are using protein to help reach your personal goals, as you are harming your body.

Yes, if used correctly and your body is tolerant to the ingredients in Protein powders, then they are very beneficial, but do be careful. If you are allergic or intolerant to the protein powder you are using, this can present as an allergy or intolerance.

Manifesting as bloating, Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), weight gain, fatigue, skin problems, migraines or joint pain, even a mild food allergy or intolerance to protein powders may have a major impact upon exercise and appearance, as well as a person’s day to day activities. The possibility of a sensitivity to protein types should, therefore, be a high priority for those that take their exercise seriously.

You may not understand that you have an allergy or intolerance to certain items. However, even the mildest food allergy or intolerance can affect the way a person lives their life. If you are looking to live your life to the full and be able to attend events and activities on a daily basis, then an allergy & intolerance test is the way forward. It is likely that protein separates are included in some of your favourite foods, including bread which is amongst a favourite across all times of the day.

Test Your Intolerance tests food allergies intolerances to protein-related items, including whey.

Whilst aiming to create a brighter future for you, at Test Your Intolerance, we have created a food allergy & intolerance testing kit, highlighting which foods your body is allergic or intolerant to, as well as the ingredients in protein supplements. In total, the tests can look at reactions in your blood against hundreds of food and non-food items and ingredients. This can be completed easily at home by sending us a sample of your blood or hair in the post.

What do we offer?

The full Test Your Intolerance process offers:

  • Sending us a quick blood or hair sample.
  • Comprehensive Report sent via email.

Instant Results Access through Email

At Test Your Intolerance, we know you want to know what you are allergic or intolerant to ASAP, as you are most likely looking to alter your diet and cut out offending foods. Therefore, we provide you with access to your results as soon as they are in and have been verified.

Once approved, you will have secure online access to them having received an email from us. With a username and a password, you can log in and begin your journey to a new and healthier you, as you eliminate offending foods from your diet. Take a look at your results and read your in-depth report on your allergies & intolerances.

A full report sent by email.

Enabling the convenience of being able to see your results online immediately, we also send you a comprehensive report, outlining all the foods that you are allergic or intolerant to. These tests help you to take control of your body, and this can set you on your way to managing your own food allergies & intolerances.

Order now. Four easy steps.

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Choose from our range of blood and hair tests to suit your needs and order it online.

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We’ll send you a test submission form for your hair product to print and complete and a blood pack delivered to you.

hair blood2 1 - Protein


Take a blood or hair sample and post it back with your test submission form or blood kit.

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Get your comprehensive test report within 7-10 days of us receiving your sample.

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testing including the process and research papers on our dedicate Bioresonance page.

The Choice 70 or Prime 110 tests use a small blood spot kit which is posted direct to your door and test both IgE and IgG4 antibodies for allergies and intolerances. Find out more by clicking below.