Nutritional Therapy Session

£29.50 (Inc. VAT)

Nutritional Therapy Session for 1 Person

These one-to-one phone consultations are to discuss your results and gain a personal plan to improve your health.

• Optimise gut health, energy, and physical performance
• At a time and date you find convenient
• No preparation needed
• Customer service will arrange it all for you
• Bespoke to you



When you sign up to nutritional therapy, you’re assigned a fully trained, registered nutritional therapist. They use their experience & training to work with you to get a complete understanding of your results and to identify the diet and lifestyle changes you need to make to experience the improved health you’re seeking.

Your 30-minute initial consultation is your nutritional therapist’s opportunity to build a picture of your overall lifestyle; your diet, your activity level, your symptoms. They will ask questions to get a better understanding of the factors that could be preventing you from living a healthier life. They will use the information they obtain from your conversation, allied with your test results, to make recommendations on the changes you need to make to begin your journey. They can advise on diet, supplement and other lifestyle changes you can make on day one.

The personalised Nutritional Therapy session helps you to identify what is causing you pain, helps you to change your diet and implement a new lifestyle. This all happens over the phone so can happen at your complete convenience.

You may also receive

Information Sheets

What should you avoid, what foods contains nutrition you may be deficient in, and daily plans to improving your health.


Changing your diet doesn’t need to be scary with these tasty, easy to understand recipes. If you’ve got a sensitivity, the nutritional therapist can cater to that with their suggestions.

Supplement Recommendations

Taking part in an elimination diet can meet vital things are removed, so your Nutritional Therapist will make suggestions for you to swap or add in.

Perfect for

Understanding your results further and getting a tailor-made conversation that will help you.

Order today and understand more about your results and your overall health.

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• One-to-one phone call with a BANT qualified Nutritional Therapist.
• Does not provide specific dietary recommendations for coeliacs, diabetics, pregnant/breastfeeding women
• Needs results from a Test Your Intolerance test
• Contact the Customer Service team to book.

Your nutritional therapists are passionate about ‘biochemical individuality’; the fact that no two people are the same.

Nutritional therapy can be used to optimise:
• Gut Health
• Energy
• Hormone balance
• Physical performance
• Brain function