The Science behind myDNA testing

How does DNA testing work? Find out your optimum exercise and nutrition regimes.

Many people associate DNA testing with a fingerprint or dirt beneath the fingernails. Others associate it with ancestry and finding out where you truly come from. myDNA, however, offers a totally different perspective and have developed science to help you find out exactly what exercise routine you should follow in order to ensure you are at optimum health.

This unique DNA testing process also means that you can find out the exact diet which is right for you, as well as how much coffee you should be drinking daily to ensure you get the maximum effect.

A new kind of DNA

Forget about fingerprints and dental records, at myDNA testing, the expert scientists use a simple cheek swab sample which is Helix 296x300 - The Benefits of DNA Testingtransformed into a report. But how does this happen? Scroll down to find out more about the myDNA laboratory.

Opening up the DNA cells

Using expert equipment and technology, myDNA are able to conduct a thorough process which gives you an insight into your exercise and nutrition routines that you never knew existed. So what happens? Your samples will arrive by post at the company’s specimen reception and this is where the DNA testing can begin. The DNA is extracted from your swab sample using a substance which is called proteinase-K which breaks open your cells to release the DNA from its nucleus. These cells are then incubated and broken up further than usual.

What happens next? DN Profile 2 150x150 - The Benefits of DNA Testing

From here, magnetic bead extraction technology is used which attaches the DNA to the magnetic particles. After the DNA is then separated and easier to analyse, the result is purified DNA in a buffer solution. For more information on DNA testing, intolerance testing and general advice on dealing with allergies and intolerances, log on to


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