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A bit worried about consuming certain types of fish because you have discovered that you have a seafood intolerance? Don’t worry, with an intolerance, you can eliminate the certain foods for a period of six weeks, and usually, you can start eating them again. If you do not have a seafood intolerance then you will want to take note of this recipe:

What are the ingredients?

To make a Prawn and Rocket spaghetti, you will need spaghetti and rocket, obviously. But seriously, unless you have an intolerance to any of the following items, this is what you will need to make this dish: You will need 450g of dried spaghetti, alongside Sea salt and freshly ground black pepper. Add a little bit of extra virgin Olive Oil, as well as 2 cloves of garlic, which is peeled and finely chopped up before being added into a mixture bowl.

Furthermore, you will need to have up to 2 dried red chillies depending on your tastes, (chilli flakes could be alternative) and then 400g of raw prawns. We do recommend that if you have a seafood intolerance then you wait until your elimination diet is over to try this recipe. Add a small wine glass of white wine, as well as two heaped tablespoons of sundried tomato puree. Next, add lemon zest and two handfuls of chopped up lettuce.

How to make your meal

Many nutritional therapists recommend this Jamie Oliver speciality, mainly because it is tasty but also because it is quick and easy to make. Many people will feel unhealthy or develop a food intolerance because they cannot be bothered to cook properly or simply do not have the time. This is why a simple meal, made quickly and efficiently can do wonders for your diet.

To make this prawn and rocket spaghetti, simply cook the spaghetti in boiling water. Whilst it is cooking, heat 3 glugs of Olive oil, all in a large frying pan. Whilst doing this, add the garlic and chilli to make sure the flavour and seasoning is in there. When the garlic begins to colour, add prawns and then leave them for a minute. Don’t forget to add the white wine (Duh!), and puree it. Drain the pasta and toss the spaghetti around to ensure it gets mixed in with the sauce…

Cook some garlic/crusty bread (your choice) and make sure you enjoy this delicious meal. If you have a seafood intolerance, you should double-check your results to ensure that prawns are not an intolerant item. Otherwise, you will suffer from intolerance symptoms like bloating, headaches and even constant fatigue.

What’s it like to have a seafood intolerance?

Living with an intolerance to seafood can be tough, but there are usually ways to manage it. Unlike an allergy, it is possible that your food intolerance could disappear after a period of up to six weeks. If you have ordered an intolerance test then you will experience the benefits of our 28 day follow up programme, which includes a whole section on seafood intolerances.

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