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Scientific credibility is the foundation of myDNA. The company ensures that it is rigorously maintained and produces credible and insightful results for its customers.

Evidence-Based Research

myDNA conducts worldwide research which is evaluated by myDNA’s team of qualified professionals who excel at what they do. A test is not introduced unless there is adequate evidence that it provides accurate and credible information. The advice provided in the report is based on international evidence and peer-reviewed published studies.

myDNA is led by expertsDNA Test 296x300 - The Science behind myDNA

Bursting with experience and knowledge, the clinical team includes genetic scientists, physicians, genetic counsellors, PhD scientists, nutritionist and dietitians that are able to keep up-t0-date with all the latest research and genetic literature.

Scientific Credibility

The company’s experts carefully read, evaluate and then filter all emerging global evidence. Specialists in their subject matter, the clinical team excel in diet and lifestyle decisions. The ability to help you understand and learn your results also means that we can provide practical recommendations which are based on the genetic test results. (This is a unique offering by the company.)

Healthcare Professional

Similar to an intolerance test, the experts at myDNA also recommend all choices based on myDNA reports are made in consultation with DNA sample 296x300 - The Science behind myDNAa healthcare professional.

The team are very supportive

Once you have got your results, you are not left on your own. A simple phone service offers counselling support to everyone who has completed a myDNA test. Genetic counsellors are ready to answer questions and help you understand results, so please do not hesitate if you have any questions.

Blood - The Science behind myDNA


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Hair - The Science behind myDNA


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DNA - The Science behind myDNA


Simple tests for understanding your body quickly with these concise tests. Knowledge is power with these easy to use tests.

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