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Even if you’re doing everything right in your daily life, staying on top of your health will feel impossible. There are simply so many functions going on with your different organs and systems that there are too many variables. That’s part of why we should always make time for our yearly check-ups with our doctor. These help us to know everything is happening as it should. As World Lymphoma Awareness Day pops up, it’s also a reminder that we can do our part at home to help keep our health profile in check. Below, we’ll discuss the connection between the thyroid and lymphoma and why a thyroid test might be “what the doctor ordered.”

What does lymphoma have to do with the thyroid?

Let’s start with connecting the dots between lymphoma and the thyroid. Lymphoma is cancer of the lymph nodes, which often doesn’t involve the thyroid itself. In rare cases, lymphoma can start from the lymphocytes in the thyroid gland. This is referred to as thyroid lymphoma. Many don’t even know there is a connection until after it is diagnosed.

Its symptoms are easy to spot when compared to general thyroid health issues. They include a noticeable enlarged thyroid, having a hoarse voice, and noticing swollen lymph nodes. However, these symptoms often occur later in the progression of thyroid lymphoma. Early detection is always best, if possible.

For the most part, the leading risk factor of thyroid lymphoma is Hashimoto’s thyroiditis diagnosis. This, like other thyroid health issues, can be detected and monitored after getting testing for your thyroid. If you have a documented and diagnosed thyroid issue, your doctor will prioritise your testing. This helps them watch for any other health conditions that may arise due to the thyroid health problem.

You could also be at risk of thyroid cancer (which is different from thyroid lymphoma) if you have had cancer treatment for another type of cancer.

After the cancer has presented in the thyroid, you can also be at risk of contracting hypothyroidism. This is because the thyroid has become invaded with cancer. Many people are unaware of the connection between the thyroid and lymphoma. So, they are also unaware of how important it is to get a thyroid test if they suspect a problem.

Even in general, the thyroid has a huge influence on our health. This is even more so if you are living with lymphoma and don’t even know it.

The thyroid is rarely the first diagnosis

Maybe you are looking at dealing with a potential lymphoma diagnosis. Or, you are more curious about thyroid health issues. Regardless, understanding the importance of thyroid testing is all the same.

Even if it turns out that you have a thyroid disorder such as hyperthyroidism or hypothyroidism, it’s rare for doctors to start with that assumption. Most doctors will assume that it is something else due to other health conditions. For example, women are more likely to have noticeable thyroid symptoms compared to men. But since they can be “nonspecific,” many doctors misdiagnose them as menopause symptoms.

The other thing is that even if we pay attention to any new or strange symptoms, it can be very hard for us to notice what is happening. We notice symptoms but can’t determine if they’re due to the thyroid or other circumstances. Our bodies are very subtle like that.

Testing is essential to know what is going onOrder Your Thyroid Rapid Test

As such, you can see now why a thyroid test could just be exactly what you need to know. It will help you learn what the root cause is (or isn’t) when it comes to strange symptoms in the body! Also, there might just be a link between your thyroid and a possibility of lymphoma.

The beauty is that even if your doctor isn’t recommending thyroid testing, you can take your health into your own hands and order an at-home test. This will give you accurate, helpful results about your thyroid so that you stay in control of your thyroid health and do your testing on your own terms. You can even order one of these for everyone in your family so that you are doing your part to promote good health to everyone around you who wants it!

Cancer is now a reality in our modern world. You can use World Lymphoma Awareness Day to learn about what you can do to protect yourself from a late-stage diagnosis. With the connection now clear between your thyroid and lymphoma, it makes sense why testing is so important for general health. Now, you have the information you need to make the right health decision for you and your body, consider a Thyroid test here.