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Key Features:

  • Designed to kickstart butyrate production in the colon, enriching gut health and fortifying essential bodily functions
  • Tailored to aid individuals dealing with leaky gut and inflammatory gut issues
  • Minimises common side effects like gas and bloating
  • Our unique formula is engineered to produce butyrate directly in the colon

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Bettergut is an innovative pre and post-biotic formulation that initiates the production of butyrate in the colon, improving your gut health and strengthening various bodily functions.

Our exclusive formula is designed to generate butyrate directly in the colon, irrespective of the existing state of your gut microbiome, ensuring health enhancements for everyone, including individuals with compromised gut health.

Unlike other conventional prebiotics, Bettergut offers a distinct advantage in significantly reduced side effects such as gas and bloating. This makes it more favourable for everyone.

Tailored for individuals contending with leaky gut and inflammatory gut conditions, Bettergut plays a key role in preserving intestinal barrier function and supports immune health, and inflammatory responses. The direct butyrate generation capability connects the gut, brain, and various organ systems, demonstrating positive effects on nervous system support, metabolic well-being, oxidative stress, mood regulation, sleep patterns, cardiovascular health, and skin wellness.

This product is for adults and children over the age of 12. Take one capsule per day either with or without food.
Don’t exceed the recommended dosage.

Each capsule contains 200mg of Tributryrin

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