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Intolerance Blog

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How to Improve Your Sleep Overnight

Good sleep is hard to come by these days. Quality sleep that leaves you feeling well-rested, even more so. With cases of insomnia steadily increasing between 1993 and 2007, it’s not surprising many of us are constantly feeling shattered in the morning. This isn’t just...

Reduce Your Waste With Vegetable Pie

An expensive and environmentally damaging issue many of us face is wasted food. It’s not uncommon for perfectly edible vegetables to get chucked away at the end of the week. In fact, Potatoes are the single most wasted food in the UK. A staggering average of 170...

Pizza Margherita Recipe with a Carb-Boost

This pizza recipe is a classic high-carb meal that you can tailor to practically any diet (except, perhaps, keto). One quarter of this pizza will boast a hearty 56g of carbohydrates and roughly 431 calories, so it’s a fairly light meal unless you start doubling up...

Grilled Apricot salad with CBD Oil

People have been cooking with cannabis as early as 10th century in India, where mixtures of ground cannabis flowers and milk were used for spiritual purposes. Similar recipes have been discovered in renaissance Italy, so it’s not been exclusive to any specific...

Loaded Houmous Recipe

Who doesn’t love a bit of houmous? Well, we love it so much that we’ve created a recipe that transforms this middle eastern dip into a meal of its own. This recipe is vegetarian, but you can get creative with it if you want. This isn’t a quick win though – you’ll want...

Benefits of nutritional therapy

Here at test your intolerance, we like the idea of our customers coming to us with symptoms, conducting a sensitivity test, and then sending them on their merry way. We take pride in the fact that we support all of our customers after their tests, to make meaningful...

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