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Treating Digestive Health Problems

Digestive health problems are all too common, right across the globe. With today being World Digestive Health Day, we’re highlighting some of the biggest digestive health problems that people suffer with, as well as discussing how to help and relieve the symptoms, and...

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British Tomato Week and Understanding Tomato Intolerances

This week is British Tomato Week – celebrating the red vegetable (or fruit?!) and all of its healthy goodness. Did you know that tomatoes are a great source of vitamin C, potassium and vitamin K? They are also the major dietary source of lycophene, an antioxidant...

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Dealing with IBS on your Wedding Day

The Royal Wedding Day is finally here – American beauty Meghan Markle and Prince Harry officially tie the knot and the world will be in a frenzy about the dress, the suit, the cake, and even the celebrity guest list! We’re taking the opportunity to discuss all things...

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Celebrating British Sandwich Week

Did you know that this week is British Sandwich Week?! We all love a good sandwich – whether it’s triangles in a school lunch box, or a melted cheese panini in a pub beer garden. They’re a British staple, and should rightly so be celebrated with their very own...

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Food Intolerances and Eczema

The topic of food intolerances is being more widely spoken about across the globe, with many people now acknowledging things such as gluten intolerances by offering ‘Free From’ products. Intolerances are typically associated with symptoms like bloating, stomach pains,...

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Fruit and Vegetables in Season for Spring

Eating your ‘5 A Day’ has been on everyone’s radar for a while now; we understand how important it is to get your fruit and veg fix to maintain a healthy diet. But did you know that eating fruit and vegetables that are in season provides your body with the exact...

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