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Why Choose Food Intolerance Testing?

There are a lot of tests out there that can help make your life better. Some of them are more obvious than others. If you’re looking for a test that will help you enjoy a better quality of life in more ways than you could imagine, you’ll want to try food intolerance...

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Why Am I Bloated After Eating?

Many people feel bloated after eating. It's often thought to be the most common complaint when it comes specifically to eating effects. It’s one of the most dreaded after-effects of eating. For most people, it’s simply because it causes you to have to undo a button or...

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What Are The Symptoms of a Wheat Allergy?

The reality of the food-related situation is that no one wants to find out that they are dealing with a food allergy. Food is an escape for many of us and it is quite literally essential for our survival. Yet, food allergies are common in a lot of children and even...

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IBS diets, symptoms and diagnosis

An all too common problem nowadays, irritable bowel syndrome has no known cure. And since its pretty much a lifelong problem, the best course of action is to work at avoiding triggers and minimising symptoms. This is best done by following an IBS Diet – which is...

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Can You Test for a Food Intolerance?

Most people are familiar with the concepts of food allergies. They often are known for causing rashes, itchy mouths or even anaphylaxis. However, a similar food sensitivity that often gets pushed to the wayside due to its perceived unimportance is that of food...

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