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Can Food Intolerance Testing Help with Acne?

A part of puberty most of us hated was the way our skin had the uncanny ability to produce an endless stream of pimples. Granted, some of us had a better time of acne than others, but the vast majority remember at least having a few spots here and there. We can’t help...

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7 Recycling Tips to reduce your carbon footprint

We’re always hearing how we should all be putting more effort into recycling. But it can be tough to know where to start, or how to improve our recycling. Because at Test Your Intolerance we're dedicated to improving peoples' health and living conditions, we’ve put...

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Five Essential Supplements to Supercharge your Health

While you should get the bulk of your vitamin and mineral requirements from food, sometimes supplementation is essential to making sure you consume a full profile of nutrients. Here we take a look at some crucial supplements which will help you optimise performance,...

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How to Get Testing for Food Allergies?

Testing for food allergies is becoming more prevalent throughout the west. With research indicating it could be caused by a lack of exposure to allergens early enough in childhood. Reactions can be nasty and even life-threatening, which means that testing is more...

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Can Allergy Testing Help Eczema?

It may surprise you to hear that there’s a connection between eczema and allergies. The two may seem like two completely different issues, but there is a solid connection between them. This has prompted experts to wonder if allergy testing could help those suffering...

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Do I Have Seasonal Allergies or a Cold?

Are you wondering if your recent sniffles are the result of seasonal allergies? If the drop in temperature has left you feeling under the weather, seasonal allergies could be the culprit. We’re all aware of the springtime allergies than many are afflicted with come...

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