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Homecooked Meals are becoming the Norm

With awareness of food allergies and intolerances on the rise, it is no surprise to see that fewer young Brits are deciding to have a homecooked meal instead of eating out at restaurants. Although this is a good sign as cooking your homemade meal is known to be...

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Delicious and Nutritious Low Fat Treats

Have you all been following The Great British Bake Off? Whaaaat, you're not? It's time to start now! We are always learning. This week will see the Bake Off contestants try their hand at making some delicious desserts! But will they be healthy and nutritious enough...

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How to make Gluten-Free Bread

Have you discovered that you have a gluten intolerance? Are you shopping around for bread alternatives which you are allowed to eat? You've come to the right place. With most of the Test Your Intolerance team proclaiming themselves to be Bake-Off experts, you can take...

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5 ways you can deal with your food intolerances

When preparing for Autumn and Winter, there are many things we have to think about. We start to wonder how we will keep ourselves warm and healthy, and some of us wonder how we can ensure that we deal with our food intolerances. Well, food sensitivity testing is...

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A Gluten-free recipe just for you

Everybody loves lemon-drizzle cake. Well, most of us anyway. But some of us have an intolerance to gluten! Don't worry though, there are plenty of ways that you can still enjoy some of these lovely cakes, particularly with this gluten-free recipe. Take a look below at...

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What is causing your migraine?

As part of Migraine Awareness Week, we are focusing on migraines, their symptoms and how they might be caused by an intolerance. Migraines present themselves in many different ways and are often managed with medications and remedies which help to ease them, although...

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