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Superfood - Eggs

Superfood – Eggs

Eggs are packed with vital nutrients that make them count as a superfood. These nutrients in eggs can help you maintain a healthy and balanced diet. Eggs are a cheap way of ensuring you consume a balanced diet on a budget.  However, eggs can be a menace to you and even be life-threatening if you […]

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Nutrition Testing and Coronavirus | What’s the link?

How many times did you hear that nutrition testing is important such as, vitamin D, or that “sunshine vitamin” is good for your immune system? Following the BBC’s recent article on Vitamin D’s effect on the immune system and coronavirus, Test Your Intolerance wanted to look at how these two are linked and the importance […]

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Why Am I Always Bloated After Eating?

Feeling bloated after eating? – that uncomfortable, puffy sensation often felt after an over-indulgent meal. It occurs due to an excessive build-up of gas within the digestive system, and for many, can be easily avoided. However, if you’re experiencing frequent and regular bloating, it could be due to something more serious. It can also lead […]

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Vitamin D; The Sunshine Vitamin

Vitamin D is most commonly produced by the body as a response to exposure to sunlight and ingesting through certain foods or dietary supplements. Vitamin D is not a vitamin, but a prohormone, the precursor to a hormone, this is because unlike vitamins, the body can self-create a prohormone such as Vitamin D. Vitamin D […]

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Urine Analysis – What You Can See In Your Pee!

A urinalysis is a scientific test of your urine produced by your body’s kidneys. The kidney’s role is to filter the blood, removing waste, regulation of the water levels in the body, and the conservation of proteins, electrolytes, and other useful compounds. By examining the composition of urine, we can get a better picture of […]

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We’ve All Been Lied to About Protein

It’s time to be honest, we’ve all been lied to about protein. Magazines, blogs and online forums all, knowingly or not, spread misinformation regarding how much of the stuff we should be eating. The truth is that despite what supplement companies and incentivised bloggers would have you believe, we don’t need nearly as much of […]

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Could High GI Foods cause Depression?

Depression, diabetes and obesity are all widespread in the modern western world. Contemporary nutritional guidelines call for consuming more low GI (glycemic index) carbohydrates and less high GI foods. This is especially emphasised for those looking to eat healthier and maintaining a healthy weight.  But could those same foods that cause diabetes and obesity also […]

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Candida or Wheat Intolerance? Telling Them Apart

It can be easier than you’d think to confuse candida and wheat intolerance. While one is caused by an overgrowth of bacteria, the other is caused by the body’s inability to properly digest a particular food. They can both cause issues, particularly in the gut, but need to be addressed very differently.   What is […]

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