Your New Year Health Resolutions - Test Your Intolerance

Everything starts fresh when the calendar turns over to a brand new year. That’s how we tend to see it, anyway. If you’re starting to think about what you want your New Year’s resolution to be, you might be thinking about one or more New Year health resolutions. If so, congratulations! You are in good company, and you will be rewarded with helpful information on making a positive change for a healthy future. We’ll also cover the role of advanced allergy and intolerance testing and why this fresh start is perfectly timed.

New year, new you

First, start with a few numbers to help you understand that you are in good company. Over 20% of New Year’s resolutions involve living healthier in some capacity. Many people will decide how to define healthy and what they want to focus on. Some people use the new year to try something challenging, and others decide to make small changes to help them move toward being healthier in general. Is there a better choice? We’ll get to that later!

A resolution based on healthy living is also a great one regarding your role in society. A healthy population is a country’s biggest and best asset. You can do your part to help your society, culture, country, and more. There aren’t many changes in your life that can do much more!

Is this the right time for a health-based resolution?

Some people claim that a New Year’s resolution is nothing more than wishful thinking. You’ll even find people stating that these resolutions are a bad idea. So, is this an excellent time to make a resolution?

Realistically, it depends. Generally, the first day of the new year is a great time to make resolutions. Even if you don’t necessarily achieve the resolution that you are making, many people make noticeably positive changes in their daily lives. Even if someone were to miss out on the resolution that they set, any positive change someone makes is a success in its own way.

Even if there are a lot of naysayers, research suggests that making a resolution is still a good idea, regardless of how “successful” you are. There are still plenty of benefits to making a positive change, such as losing weight for heart health. Or getting advanced allergy and intolerance testing for a better food-related life. Some will make resolutions for mental health and clarity, too. Regardless of what the New Year health resolutions are that you have in your sights, they can do many great things!

How to make sustainable healthy resolutions for the New Year

Now that we understand the potential advantages of making a health-focused resolution for the turn of the year let’s look at some details to help you achieve the most possible out of your resolution and the year in front of you. Here are some steps to help you take the proper steps to do just that.

Make them smaller than you think you can achieveHow to make sustainable healthy resolutions for the New Year

Regardless of what the specific resolution is that you choose, make it small. Many people assume that a resolution has to be big and sweeping. However, the smaller health changes are easier to accomplish and uphold. They also can feel more doable when you are having a bad day or a hard time where you feel tempted to give into the older, bad habits.

Design it to be weekly or monthly, not daily

Another consideration to help you stick to the resolution as much as you can, is to take a broader approach to what you want to achieve, and how you choose to achieve it. For example, instead of deciding that you want to walk for 30 minutes every single day, aim to walk for 2-3 hours per week. Then you can organise the time however works best for your schedule and you won’t need to worry about missing a day or two.

Take small steps now to start off properly

If you love the idea of getting healthier through your diet, at least a few days per week, don’t forget to get an early start by knowing what you can and can’t eat. Ordering advanced allergy and intolerance testing will help you get clear details on your personal dietary needs and how to care for them. This is a simple, at-home test that will help you understand what your body likes and dislikes so that you can have a better relationship with food and your healthy eating regime.

The new year is full of possibilities, and our hope is that you will take a bit of time to prioritise your health. You deserve to have the best year possible, and proper care for your health is going to be a critical part of that. This will help you plan for an exciting, profitable, and rewarding year. The rest of it is up to you, grab a test here!