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We’ve been trusted by over 1,000,000 people all over the world to produce laboratory results and support them through their wellness journey to date. We take pride in our expert advice and the team that provide it 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Below we have featured a selection of positive discoveries where lives have been changed for the better as a result of choosing Test Your Intolerance.

Customer reviews

I was a bit sceptical at first about completing an intolerance test, but as soon as I decided to try Test Your Intolerance, it was one of the best decisions I’ve made. I received my results very quickly and it was fascinating and somewhat surprising to find out my intolerances. Since excluding all intolerances from my diet, it has been a shock and most of all, a relief to see how quickly my symptoms have been alleviated. For the first time in years I have been able to enjoy food without getting constant stomach pains and nausea, and it has felt empowering to regain control over my health.

It can seem a bit daunting at first to transform your diet and cut out foods you’re so familiar with, but the nutritional support at Test Your Intolerance was super helpful and helped me clarify foods I can and can’t eat and if it is ok to reintroduce them into my diet at a later stage. It feels good to know I have this knowledge about my body forever and I can optimize my health as a result. Massive thumbs up and would encourage anyone to try it for yourself!

Natasha Hooper

We both swear by this test and have recommended it to many of our family and friends. The price is reasonable and totally worth it. Thank you!

Ashley and Rebecca

Now I am aware of my trigger items, with proper diet, good lifestyle and exercise, Hopefully I can finally get rid of the symptoms that I was having all my life! Thank you, Test Your Intolerance!


Now my mom can make those subtle food changes and have a much happier stomach and not be questioning everything she eats. This literally changed my mum’s life.


The test was so easy to do from reading the instructions, quick and easy delivery, great customer service! Great way of testing if you are like me and frightened of blood tests!


This home testing kit couldn’t be simpler! Quick finger prick, put the samples on the card provided and post it off!

I got my results 4 days later, and I now have a list of foods I am intolerant to that I can avoid in my diet. Although, I’m sad I’m intolerant to pistachios because they’re such a treat!


Massive thank you to the team at Test Your Intolerance for my Allergy and Intolerance test! So easy to do and amazing service as always! Can’t wait to receive my results!

Olivia Garner

I was so happy and impressed with my test results that my husband requested I do the test for him! The results have helped us take control over our health and wellbeing and the benefits are already noticeable.

Larry and Colleen Wolkosky

For anyone considering trying this, I honestly can’t recommend it enough. This helped my son enormously when finding out what was causing his stomach problems, 5 stars from me!


The test I have done is the Allergy & Intolerance Test Plus which covers 75 intolerances and 38 allergies. It is an IgE & IgG4 blood test where they check for immunological and non-immunological responses.

It was very easy to use and send back, even to getting the results, everything was very fast. So, according to the test, I have 9 allergies and 14 intolerances.

They have a level system for how ‘severe’ it shows on the blood tests as well as telling you the severity and colour coded.

The results are really clear and easy to read. You will have no problem interpreting them as they are very straightforward. Overall, it was really straightforward and I was quite surprised at some results.


I’ve been amazed with the findings of the results; I am interested to see how I can amend my dietary habits!


I’m so relieved I’m going to have a list of exactly what my body reacts to!


Can’t believe the results from my home intolerance kit! Unbelievably accurate!


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