What is Health Esteem, And How Does It Affect Me? - Test Your Intolerance

Learning who you are and how to be the best version of yourself is a key part of living a full life. If you are hunting to be your strongest, best self, January is the month for you! This is Health Esteem Month, and this new trend will show you how simple it is to move into a better, healthier future just for you. Health esteem encompasses everything from advanced allergy and intolerance testing to keeping a success journal. How and why? It’s all waiting for you below!

What is health esteem?

Let’s start at the beginning with a deep look into what it actually is. Health esteem is a play on “self-esteem” and operates similarly. It’s a new kind of fitness and diet that focuses on accepting who you are now and rooting for a future, healthy self.

This helps blend healthy life choices with a positive mindset and even a positive view of yourself for a future that is all of those things. Health esteem aims to blend the positivity of self-esteem with the positive future of healthy living to make both more accessible!

What is World Health Esteem Month?

Every day of January is a chance to engage with World Health Esteem Month. You can use each day to make tiny choices and changes that will help you prioritise your health in big ways. Since January is often full of hope that is quickly chased by frustration with our New Year’s resolutions don’t work out, the goal with World Health Esteem Month is to make lifestyle changes sustainable by making them simple.

No more empty promises or meeting social expectations, just making big changes in small, simple ways. That sounds much better than the classic New Year’s resolutions, right?

How does health esteem affect me?

Perhaps you still think that there’s no difference to self-esteem. So, are they the same? Yes and no. They have the same root with different outcomes.

Our self-esteem is our perspective on ourselves. We often focus on improving ourselves to better our self-esteem. But, setting fitness or health goals that result in failure or a negative view of ourselves destroys our self-esteem. Blending self-esteem with fitness will give you successful results that protects our valuable self-esteem.

There is data to back up the importance of health esteem, too. Statistically, a health-related failure or issue can cause someone to lose confidence in their body and, directly, have lower self-esteem. By prioritising a fitness or health plan with lots of positive self-esteem and optimism, you will feel more motivated, more positive about yourself, and more likely to stick with the fitness plan.a health-related failure or issue can cause someone to lose confidence

What are examples of health esteem?

Admittedly, this all sounds pretty great, but what does it look like? You might be surprised to see how simple and doable these examples are. And that, dear reader, is precisely the point! Let’s take a look at some examples.

Planning your lunch the day before

Most people would love to get away from the takeaway lunches and learn meal prep like the pros, but it’s easier said than done. One example of health esteem pushing you in that direction is simply planning out and packing your lunch the day before. The simple act of doing it is the achievement. The temptation is to make it a mission to plan every day’s lunch, but that can be hard to keep up. So, simply try to do it once.

Getting health testing

Often, what we eat is hurting us rather than helping us. Getting advanced allergy and intolerance testing will be a great tool to help each person understand what’s going on in their body, which can lead to an easier and better relationship with food. Plus, it’s the perfect first step to enjoying a customised meal plan if that’s something you’re going for.

Do the hardest thing first

Most of us are guilty of putting off that one hard task to the end of the day. However, doing that one hard thing first is an excellent example of health esteem. And it’ll help you stay motivated throughout the rest of your day because the hard part is already done!

Setting a reliable routine

A more abstract approach to health esteem is setting a routine that you repeat each day. It should include when to get up and go to bed, whatever meal focuses you want to prioritise, and when and how to work out. You should also keep a journal of this to look back on your success.

If you want to take a positive step forward into your future, do it each day in January by focusing on one of these health esteem examples. You may be surprised at just how much of a difference it can make for your outlook on life and your overall mindset, not to mention your health goals and other tangible success markers. Remember that at Test Your Intolerance we have your back and our tests are a great way to kickstart your health journey! Discover your test here!