Nutrition Testing and Coronavirus | Test Your Intolerance

How many times did you hear that nutrition testing is important such as, vitamin D, or that “sunshine vitamin” is good for your immune system? Following the BBC’s recent article on Vitamin D’s effect on the immune system and coronavirus, Test Your Intolerance wanted to look at how these two are linked and the importance of nutrition testing.

Already we know that early studies have shown vitamin D reducing the risk of respiratory tract infections(1). Now during this difficult time that the whole world is experiencing caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, it is not strange to see a lot of studies that reporting the use of vitamin D to reduce the effect of COVID-19. For example one study published on the BMJ journal in June this year, found that COVID-19 deaths tend to be higher in countries farther away from the equator, where many people are deficient in vitamin D due to the reduced amount of sunlight, especially during winter(2). A recent study published last month on the PLoS ONE journal reported that people hospitalized for COVID-19 who were deficient in vitamin D (as shown via nutrition testing) were more likely to have severe symptoms or die from COVID-19(3).

BBC news reported on the Health section of the 13th of October 2020, that scientists are looking for volunteers to take part in a trial to see if taking vitamin D can give the immune system a boost against COVID-19. UK residents are already advised to consider taking supplements and nutrition testing over winter when vitamin D levels can dip. It is also important to note that before taking vitamin D supplements, it’s suggested to take a nutrition test to check the amount of vitamin D present in your body, because taking more than the recommended amount can be dangerous in the long run.nutrition testing

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