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DNA Testing - How it can benefit you!

The benefits of DNA testing. See what benefits you get from purchasing a product below. 

DNA testing could not be simpler. It’s not just about finding out your ancestry or locating a fingerprint, with this product it is about finding out what exercise and nutrition regimes would be best for your health. So, swab the inside of your cheek, and register your DNA sample online.

How it works

You can then post it to the expert team at myDNA and our laboratory will analyse your sample. You then wait for your sample to be analysed, before having ongoing access to your results on the myDNA portal. Alongside intolerance testing, DNA testing can help you to drink the right amount of coffee based on your DNA, as well as adopt the perfect nutrition report and diet programme which is best for you. Have a look below at what you will gain from myDNA.

What is included in your myDNA Nutrition report?

The report will identify your results for seven key genes which have an influence on; including weight and appetite AND fat storage. Do you want to know what your body’s ability is to break down fat? You should definitely order a test.

Additionally, the report includes advice for the most appropriate diet which is based on your genetic results. This recommended diet is based on scientific evidence which is matched to your genetic type. The report also provides a food guide and your recommended nutritional portion size.

What is not included in your report?

Please do be aware that a fitness and nutrition report will not provide any immediate solution to weight loss. You must be aware that lifestyle and environmental factors also play an important role in weight management.

Efficient and trusted DNA testing

Once you have received your reports and results, you will get personalised recommendations found in your myDNA report which are bespoke to you. These results and pieces of advice are based on a thorough review of relevant and worldwide scientific literature related to your genes. The company’s team of experts interpret findings from these studies and simplify the information in a user-friendly actionable format.

Scientific and credible research

So, if you are considering DNA and intolerance testing, then please look no further than myDNA’s credible and through research. myDNA will only report on actionable genetic findings which boast a high degree of scientific credibility. These have been reviewed and signed off by the myDNA Scientific team.

What do you get with a myDNA Test?

DNA analysis is a growing field of science. The team is always working around the clock to ensure that any new evidence that comes to light can be incorporated into the tests to ensure utmost accuracy and prevalent information. Now, a new form of genetic testing has come to light and it can tell you how to eat the right way and how to perform an exercise in the right way.

Your Personalised Nutrition Report

By sending your DNA sample off to be analysed, you can now find a diet that works solely for you. Due to the fact that everyone’s DNA is different, someone else’s healthy diet may not be healthy for you. A test from myDNA can find the diet that works for you, but may not work for others. It can be extremely frustrating if you follow a strict diet, lose weight and then put it straight back on! So take out that time and effort and find out how we can help you.

Your Personalised Fitness ReportMyDNA report

myDNA’s personalised fitness report is packed with insights, including identifying whether your muscles are equipped to work with explosive power. The test can also let you know about your risk of injury, the rate of recovery you may experience (best for athletes), or even whether your genetic type is common among elite athletes.

Upon receiving your report, you will receive a comprehensive training program which is based on what your results say. You can customise your goals and current levels and make sure you can optimise your fitness program which will suit you best.

Your Personalised Coffee Report

Coffee. A staple of everyone’s diet. But do you love it or hate it? Your DNA could be the answer. This informative Caffeine report can give you some insight into how quickly your body metabolises caffeine, and what effect it will have on you. If you are finding that caffeine that is disturbing your sleep, then a myDNA test will be able to tell you why.

Additionally, you can also get your hands on a Coffee Calories Calculator as this helps you to see the impact that your daily coffee is having on your waistline.

Find the right foods which work for you

Your DNA holds the answer to your success. By sending us a sample, we can analyse your DNA and help you to find the right food choices that work for you. Self-diagnosing can be overwhelming, stressful and confusing, and sometimes even seem impossible. Get your very own nutrition report and look forward to a happier and healthier future.

So, intolerance testing can help you to identify what foods you need to avoid, and DNA testing can help you to learn what foods would be correct to optimise your diet and exercise regime. Testing seven genes will help find the right diet for you, and your personalised results will provide you with easy-to-action advice.

Allergy & Intolerance Tests

Our most accurate home-to-lab allergy and intolerance test from a small finger-prick blood testing kit delivered to your door.

Sensitivity Tests

Send us a small hair sample and within 7 working days, you'll have your comprehensive report identifying trigger items.


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