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Headaches, bloating or stomach cramps? These might be some of the symptoms of allergies and intolerances. Our test will give you an idea about possible causes and could help you improve your health and lifestyle!

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Enjoy eating out with friends without the worry.

Do you regularly feel tired and sluggish, lack energy and worry it might be what you are eating? It could be as simple as an intolerance, with our tests you can see which foodstuffs may be affecting you.

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Be more comfortable and enjoy more in life.

Do you sometimes hold back on doing the things you love? With a simple test you can find out if you or a family member has a food intolerance, do something about it and you could start feeling better.

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Our laboratory follow Good Laboratory Practice which are a set of principles intended to ensure the quality and integrity of non-clinical laboratory studies such as ours. We have been offering complimentary medical therapy since 2008 and have continued to invest in the latest equipment and training to ensure we provide our customers with the best possible service.

Our non-invasive bioresonance tests require you to send in a small hair sample and within 10 days from it being received at our lab you will have your results. Our team of 12 technicians conduct on average 800 tests a day received from 26 countries around the world. We offer a 100% money back, no quibble guarantee and are proud of our 99.5% customer satisfaction score!

What's your diet doing for you?

Do you suspect your diet is having an adverse effect on your well being?
Our intolerance tests will give you the information to guide you to a better diet.
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£29.00100 items
  • 100 Food Items
  • 24 Hours / 5 Days Live Chat
  • Couples Test Discount
  • Family Test Discount
  • 80 Nutritional Items
  • 24 Metal (Toxicity) Items


£39.00300 items
  • 300 Food and Non-food Items
  • 24 Hours / 5 Days Live Chat
  • Couples Test - Save 5%
  • Family Test - Save 10%
  • 80 Nutritional Items
  • 24 Metal (Toxicity) Items


£59.00680 items
  • 600 Food and Non-food Items
  • 24 Hours / 5 Days Live Chat
  • Couples Test - Save 5%
  • Family Test - Save 10%
  • 80 Nutritional Items
  • 24 Metal (Toxicity) Items


£89.00704 items
  • 600 Food and Non-food Items
  • 24 Hours / 5 Days Live Chat
  • Couples Test - Save 5%
  • Family Test - Save 10%
  • 80 Nutritional Items
  • 24 Metal (Toxicity) Items

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We offer a wide range of intolerance tests that are non-invasive, affordable, and risk-free. The process is easy and fast.


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Testing 600 potential intolerance catalysts; food or ingredients such as wheat, gluten, dairy, lactose, nuts, pollen & dust.


It takes just 7 days for your results to arrive by email! Another reason to test your intolerance today!

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