Dr. Joseph Nightingale, MBBS, MSc, Author at Test Your Intolerance

Dr. Joseph Nightingale, MBBS, MSc

Health and Science Copywriter and Qualified Doctor

Education University of York

Credentials MBBS, MSc

Personal History

Dr. Joseph Nightingale, MBBS, MSc, is a qualified medical doctor and the founder and CEO of Impeccable Writing, a copywriting agency. Driven by a desire to bridge the communication gap created by technical jargon, Dr. Nightingale has dedicated his career to helping organisations find their unique voice and convey complex concepts in clear, comprehensible content.

Dr. Nightingale's extensive expertise in writing is rooted in his diverse knowledge across various industries. Holding a master's degree in Biodiversity, Ecology, and Ecosystems from the University of York, his exceptional research on the climatological impact of land-use change and greenhouse gases earned him the prestigious Deborah Smith Prize, recognising his significant contribution to global impact beyond the UK.

Apart from his role at Impeccable Writing, Dr. Nightingale is the editor and primary contributor to Big Picture, an online periodical that addresses pressing environmental and climatological questions. As one of the Top Science Writers on Medium.com, his articulate and insightful writings have garnered a dedicated readership.

Posts by Dr. Joseph Nightingale, MBBS, MSc:

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