Choosing the Best Menopause Test Kit - Test Your Intolerance

Menopause is a natural stage in a woman’s life when menstruation stops, and she can no longer have children. However, a host of disruptive and uncomfortable symptoms accompany these physiological and hormonal changes. These signs can occur for years before menopause, in what’s referred to as perimenopause.

Performing a menopause test can help people confirm if their symptoms, such as hot flushes or menstrual changes, are menopause or a sign of another underlying condition. Menopause test kits come in several varieties – from in-person to home testing. Moreover, numerous companies produce test kits, leading many women to wonder which is right for them.

Below we cover menopause test kits in detail, explore their reliability, and review the best menopause test kits available.

What are Menopause Testing Kits?

In short, a menopause test kit is a simple way to test for certain hormones associated with menopause, usually through a sample of blood, saliva, or urine. The primary hormone involved in these tests is follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH).

Here’s some background: As the number of eggs (oocytes) reaches natural depletion, the body begins to transition toward menopause. Hormonal changes are one of the biggest factors governing the process. Among these is FSH, which usually fluctuates over the menstrual cycle. FSH is responsible for stimulating the ovaries to produce eggs.

However, the depletion of the egg reserve leads to increased levels of FSH, thereby making it a key indicator that a woman is in the perimenopausal or menopausal stage.

Other hormonal indicators used in menopausal testing are luteinizing hormone (LH) and oestradiol, a form of oestrogen. Like FSH, LH is involved in triggering ovulation and increases as the ovarian reserve declines. Oestradiol, meanwhile, remains relatively steady during perimenopause but can decline after menopause.

When to Buy a Menopause Test KitWhich Menopause Test Is Best For Me?

You should only purchase a menopause test if you suspect you may be approaching menopause or experiencing symptoms related to hormonal changes. The cardinal symptoms of menopause include:

  • Reduced menstruation frequency
  • Heavier or lighter menstrual flow than normal
  • Hot flashes, night sweats, and flushes

People may also report weight gain, breast changes, mood swings, joint stiffness, sleep disruption, vaginal dryness, and more.

Are Home Menopause Tests Reliable?

Yes. Menopause tests are reliable at detecting the hormonal changes associated with perimenopause and menopause. While many of the tests detect multiple hormones, a continual elevation in your FSH levels is the most reliable indicator. A single test alone can confirm this, and multiple readings alongside menopausal symptoms are the surest sign that a change is occurring.

If you receive one or more positive results, contact your doctor or a medical professional to explore potential treatment options available.

Our Menopause Testing Kit

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