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Take a look at these 5 reasons you should take an intolerance test below! If ANY of these foods are a major part of your diet, then you NEED to take a food intolerance test from Test Your Intolerance. Different from food allergies and food allergy testing, food intolerances are not life-threatening, but intolerance testing is still vital in order to ensure you are in good health. Order your intolerance test to ensure that food intolerances are not as problematic as they can be. With food allergies and food intolerances on the rise, there has never been a better time to get your health in order, so check out these below: 

1) Dairy

Dairy intolerance can often be confused with lactose intolerance. As lactose is a sugar found in milk and dairy products, it can often get confusing. Lactose intolerance is caused by a shortage of lactase enzymes, meaning that food intolerance symptoms will often occur. But what are the symptoms that you need to look out for in the case of dairy intolerance:

If you think that you have a dairy intolerance, and this sounds easy but it isn’t, then you simply need to remove dairy products from your diet. The good thing is that there are plenty of alternatives when it comes to dealing with your dairy intolerance. Find out if you may have a dairy intolerance today with Test Your Intolerance.

2) Caffeine

Oh! That morning wake up call of coffee could actually be causing you more harm than good. With caffeine being a bitter chemical that is found in a wide variety of beverages, according to Healthline, many people find themselves addicted to caffeine, but it could be causing you issues. If you have a caffeine intolerance, then your fatigue and bloated stomach will not go away, unless you eliminate caffeine from your diet. So, essentially, that morning stress and fatigue could be due to a caffeine intolerance. Eliminate caffeine intolerances with an intolerance test TODAY.

3) Gluten

What is gluten? Gluten is what is given to proteins and is found in wheat, barley, rye and many other ingredients. It is important to not get confused with gluten intolerance and coeliac disease. If you suspect that you have coeliac disease then you need to consult your GP immediately. People often get confused between coeliac disease and wheat allergies, but a wheat intolerance is actually not life-threatening. Wheat intolerances are difficult to deal with because wheat SEEMS to be in everything! Make sure wheat is something that you either need to remove/not remove with an intolerance test. Symptoms of a wheat intolerance include:

 Depression is not a direct result of a wheat intolerance but it can certainly be caused by it. Please do consider how an intolerance test can help you.

4) Histamine

Histamine and other chemicals naturally occur in certain foods and this means that they are difficult to avoid. Food intolerance can cause intolerance symptoms that you simply must avoid, but these symptoms are also the result of other health conditions, so an intolerance test could definitely help you decipher whether or not histamine intolerance is causing you to feel ill. Headaches, skin rashes, a runny nose and constant stomach problems are the sign of intolerance. Unfortunately, the only way to manage these symptoms is to carefully check the ingredients of your shopping and ensure that you are not eating any of these foods which are listed as intolerance on your intolerance test report.

5) Nuts

A nut allergy is one of the most infamous allergies. BUT people also have an intolerance to nuts, leading to symptoms which are not to be desired. A nut allergy would lead to swelling, rashes and in the worst case scenario: anaphylactic shock. This needs to be avoided at all costs but it can also be beneficial to be aware of what you need to do in order to avoid symptoms. Allergy testing would be perfect if you were looking to discover if you possibly had a nut allergy, but an intolerance test would also help you to rule out a nut intolerance.

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