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As soon as we learn to speak, we are always told that we should drink plenty of water. Of course, at Test Your Intolerance we would never discourage anyone from drinking water, especially as highly qualified dieticians are always recommending that drinking enough water is imperative in order for our bodies to function properly! Can an intolerance test help you to optimise your diet and stop you feeling thirsty and hungry? Indeed it can, but you should still check out these signs below. 

A varied diet will quench both your thirst and your hunger, leaving you at optimum health. Below are seven signs that you should look out for in order to stop you drinking too much water:

1) You never leave the house without a water bottle

If you often do a lot of running, walking, hiking or cycling then you will need to drink plenty of water in order to keep yourself hydrated. However, constantly adding water to your body can often result in low sodium levels in your blood, meaning the cells in your body might swell! So, keep yourself hydrated but do not go over the top and drink gallons. The recommended amount of water is 2.2 litres, according to the NHS.

2) Drinking for the sake of it

If you are drinking water even though you are not thirsty, then you are probably drinking too much water. Again, we do not recommend that you minimise the amount of water that you are drinking, but just that you are careful about how much you are drinking. This can also be said for eating certain foods, and overindulgence on food and non-food items can often to lead to food intolerance. Make sure you have not been eating or drinking too much by identifying your intolerances with an intolerance test.

3) You’re living in fear of not being clear

It is often thought that if your urine is clear then you are hydrated, and if it is a yellow or green colour, then it means you are dehydrated. Hmmm, this is sort of true, but in fact, the optimum colour of your urine should be straw-coloured to a transparent yellow. Drinking eight to ten glasses of water a day is considered to be the normal amount. Sometimes, people drink too much water because they are trying to fill their body with nutrients. Find out if you have enough nutrients in your body by ordering an intolerance test today.

4) You’re kept up at night

If you are constantly up all night because you are urinating frequently, then you may be drinking too much water. This can be depending on when you drink it, as well as the volume. If you are constantly getting up to go to the toilet then it may affect your sleep and cause you to suffer intolerance symptoms like brain fog, tiredness, and fatigue. To see if your intolerance symptoms are caused by intolerance, please order an intolerance test now.

5) Constant throbbing headaches

Yep, there are many health issues which could be causing you to have a headache, and drinking too much water could actually be one of them. A throbbing headache is a sign of both dehydration and overhydration. If you drink too much water, then the salt concentration levels in your blood will reduce, and your cells will swell. Try to be careful about the levels you are drinking. If you would like to know more about the nutrients within your body, then you can order an intolerance test.

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