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What do you do after you have received your intolerance test results? Sometimes the temptation is to panic once you see your results written down on paper as you see some of your favourite foods on the list, but do not worry, we have compiled five steps to follow which will help you to cope with your intolerance test results. 

1) Don’t Panic:

Firstly, please do not panic after first reading your report. Seeing your intolerances written down on paper may seem daunting but you should not panic. There may be some items listed in your intolerance test report that you have never eaten or come into contact with but this is quite normal so do not worry.

On the other hand, there are also quite a few items on the list that you often eat or are exposed to on a regular basis. These are the items that you are going to need to focus on eliminating from your diet and environment.

2) What do your intolerance test results mean?

All the items listed have an intolerance level of 85% or over and so will give you reactions in some way. These reactions can range from minimal to severe. Intolerances can change depending on your diet and environment, meaning that an item that you have never had problems with before could suddenly be causing your symptoms.

This is because if you are eating something or have come into contact with it, your body will try to assimilate it. If your immune system is low or you have overindulged on certain food items, then your body will struggle to do this and you will then suffer from various symptoms, including a bloated stomach, headaches, and fatigue, as well as many more. When this happens, it is known as an intolerance.

3) What should I do now?

The foods and items that have shown as intolerances on your intolerance test report need to be taken out of your diet. We recommend that you eliminate these items from your diet for at least two weeks, but preferably four to get the most benefit from your report. You should try and eliminate all of the listed items at the same, and although we understand that this can be difficult if they are eaten on a regular basis, then the sooner you eliminate them the sooner you will see results.

After you have completed your elimination diet and two to four weeks have passed, you can begin to consider adding items back into your diet. It is important that you do this one item at a time because food intolerances do not show up immediately, and the symptoms can appear up to 72 hours after you have ingested the food. The best way to achieve your elimination diet is to keep a diary and track when you are eating certain foods. Therefore, if you do suffer any symptoms then this means that you have a strong intolerance to this item and so will need to avoid it for a further two weeks. Please introduce the foods back into your diet slowly and keep track of your symptoms.

We realise that this may seem tedious and laborious but can assure you it is the best way of understanding what items you are still intolerant to. Most of the time an intolerance will disappear but there are occasions when your body simply doesn’t want to accept something back into the body. This means that you most likely developed a lifetime intolerance. Although this may seem difficult to deal with, it is something that you will get used to fairly quickly, especially if you are not suffering from associated symptoms anymore.

4) What about my pets?

If you have pets and your intolerance test has shown you have an intolerance to a dog or cat hair then please do not despair. This simply means that you need to be more aware of where your pet goes in your home. Make sure you try and limit their access to bedrooms and keep them all well-groomed in order to avoid excess hair and dander on your floors and soft furnishings.

5) Help, I have a query!

If you have any other questions about your intolerance test results report or would like to tell us about your results through a testimonial then please don’t hesitate to contact our expert team via LiveChat on our website. They are available on a 24-hour basis, Monday to Friday.

We hope you enjoyed your experience of doing an intolerance test with Test Your Intolerance.