5 Ways to Cope With Intolerances | Test Your Intolerance

When preparing for Autumn and Winter, there are many things we have to think about. We start to wonder how we will keep ourselves warm and healthy, and some of us wonder how we can ensure that we deal with our food intolerances. Well, food sensitivity testing is incredibly helpful in this respect as it helps us to identify our food intolerances. Through food sensitivity testing, we are able to help you become a happier and healthier person, as you embark on your new journey.

What can food sensitivity testing do?

By identifying your intolerances with food sensitivity testing, you can now begin to eliminate the foods that you are intolerant to. This should see your symptoms subside. So, if you are experiencing migraines, headaches or bloating, then identifying your intolerances is a massive help. If you have taken a test with Test Your Intolerance, then you will now know what to avoid, in both food and non-food items.

How do you know if you have a food intolerance? 

As mentioned above, you are likely to experience certain symptoms which are commonly identified as food intolerances. If your symptoms subside, then you will feel a lot better in yourself. So, if you are aiming to beat the bloat, then one of the best ways to help you is through food intolerance testing. By avoiding your foods, you can set out a diet plan which will help you to beat the bloat and avoid those headaches.

What else can help you deal with your symptoms? 

Drinking can help you deal with your symptoms. When we say drinking, we mean the healthy type, before you get any ideas! Drinking plenty of water will help you feel healthier, as well as flush your toxins out of your body which can rejuvenate your mind and body. Water can help you if you are experiencing intolerance symptoms, including bloat and constipation, as well as consuming a lot of fruit and veg.

Will Exercise help? 

Having identified your food intolerances, you plan ahead. You can begin to start planning your new diet, as well as planning how much water you will have. Plus, you can also begin to exercise! Exercising is known to be healthy and beneficial, as it refreshes the mind, is rejuvenating and can help you to lose weight. All of those things, we love to do, so make sure you exercise, even if it is a 10-minute walk. Honestly, you will feel the benefits!

Moving on from your food intolerances

Once you have identified your food intolerances, you can begin to look to the future. Remember, if the food is wreaking havoc on your body, you must avoid this food, but do not worry, if it is your favourite and a must-have in your diet, you can reintroduce it back into your diet.

If you are interested in learning more about food intolerances, then why not check out our variety of tests that we have an offer. Hop over to www.testyourintolerance.com to find out more.