7 Surprise Things Damaging Your Body | Test Your Intolerance

Hmmm, it might sound odd but there are many things that the World Health Organisation (WHO) believe could cause you more harm than good, and there is a wide range of factors which cause your illness! One of the top things is hot drinks, and almost everyone in the world consumes one of these on a daily basis! There is evidence to suggest that consuming hot liquids can cause esophageal cancer. You can find out if you may have an intolerance to any of the liquids you are consuming by ordering an intolerance test. 

Are hot drinks bad for you?

Yep, it is true that hot drinks might actually be bad for you. This is bad news for you coffee drinkers in the morning, as that caffeine infusion first thing in the morning might be causing you health issues. There is research which suggests that tissue damage can actually be caused if you take a sip of a scalding beverage may lead to cell injury over time, and this can result in cancer.

1) Beware of red meat

There has long been a link between red meat and developing cancer. Meat can be problematic in many ways, however, especially red meat as many individuals have reported developing a meat intolerance and suffering from intolerance symptoms whenever they eat meat. You can find out if you have a meat intolerance by ordering an intolerance test here.

2) Pizza Party could be Problematic

Out of interest, what do you have on your pizza?

Meat feast, Hawaiin, Chicken?

You are probably thinking this is an odd question, but if you have pepperoni on your pizza, then it may be causing your body a lot of harm! There is a link between processed meat and certain types of cancers.

3) Non-food intolerances

Yep, symptoms like headaches, nausea, fatigue and a bloated stomach are not just caused by food intolerances. For example, dust mites, mould, and other airborne particles can cause symptoms of intolerance. The WHO has done research which has indicated that cancers can be caused by chemicals, including those that you will find in your household cleaning equipment, and also if you regularly take your washing to the dry cleaners.

4) Trying to clean your skin

Are you trying to cleanse your skin and get rid of skin rashes? Then be careful as to what toiletries you use! What you are putting on your skin could actually be causing you harm, especially if you have an intolerance to some of the ingredients that are contained in the nourishing cream.

5) Avoid alcohol intolerance

Yep, it’s not always just a hangover that is causing you pain. There is a relationship between alcohol consumption and cancer risk which has been an area of intensive study by scientists. Find out if you have an alcohol intolerance by ordering an intolerance test here.

6) Your diet is not balanced enough

You must include a lot of fruit and vegetables in your diet in order to make sure that you are happy and healthy. This is because vegetables are packed with fibre and nutrients which keep your body healthy, which actually works to stave off cancer.

7)  An elimination diet without an intolerance test

If you have an intolerance, then it is important that you do an elimination diet. However, doing an elimination diet without knowing what your intolerances are means that you could be removing important nutrients from your diet, leaving you unwell and sometimes malnourished.

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