Allergy Test Advice | Test Your Intolerance

In these winter months, we all know how annoying it is to have a cough for an extended period. If it is still going after a while, then you should definitely go to a doctor and get it checked out. They may perform an allergy test to see if you are consuming something that is causing your symptoms or you whether or not you have asthma. 

Overexposure of airborne particles

If your problems continue to persist then it may be because you have an intolerance to a particular item. If your doctor does not find anything sinister and is unaware of what may be causing an issue, then it is often hard to know what to do next. An intolerance test will help you identify whether or not you have simply been overexposed to airborne particles which could be causing you an intolerance.

What answers does an allergy test provide?

Of course, if it is an allergy and an allergy test has picked this up, it can cause all sorts of sinus and bronchial issues. An allergy test will be able to provide you with the definitive answers you need in this respect. We will now look at how coughs can be caused by allergens and what treatments are available.

Allergic Triggers are all around us

If you are in an environment which causes you to suffer from an allergy, then it can be difficult to manage as airborne triggers are hard to avoid. Air quality can play a major part in the life of a sufferer of an allergy, whether it be caused by pollution, pollen and even dust.

There are many symptoms like rhinitis, sinus infections, persistent eye irritations, and even chronic coughs can be the result of an allergy. The cause of which could be discovered with an allergy test. An allergy test, however, does not cure an allergy, it can simply point you in the right direction of managing your allergies, something which is very important.

All foods can cause an allergy

One of the things that are often found is that if a person has a cough, is that they blame their cough on the environment rather than the food itself. However, say you are eating a burger whilst having a picnic outside and you start coughing or your nose begins to run, what is the first thought that comes to mind? Is it hay fever, asthma or just being outside?

If so, it might actually be a certain food that is causing the issue. An allergy test will help you to identify what foods could potentially be causing your symptoms. If you are not found to have an allergy, then it might be that it is a food intolerance. An intolerance test for food could help you to identify your symptoms.

For more information on an intolerance test, please log on to If you would like to know more about food allergy and allergy testing, then we recommend you speak to a doctor immediately.