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Are you wondering if your recent sniffles are the result of seasonal allergies? If the drop in temperature has left you feeling under the weather, seasonal allergies could be the culprit. We’re all aware of the springtime allergies than many are afflicted with come April, but we talk about winter allergies are far less.

 They’re a different breed of allergies because it inst necessarily that you’re being exposed to anything new, just in higher quantities. A lot of winter allergies are caused by allergens such as dust mites and animal dander. We’re exposed to more of these allergens, because of the lack of ventilation and increased time spent indoors.

 The only issue is that these symptoms; runny noses, sneezing and congestion, are all very similar to the common cold. So how can we tell the difference? Is it seasonal allergies or a bug?

how to tell between seasonal winter allergies and a cold

Are your eyes Itchy?

Seasonal allergies make your body release histamines. These can cause itchy or watery eyes, which is rare in a regular cold. If your eyes are itchy its much more likely to be an allergic reaction than a cold. If the symptoms go away after popping an antihistamine, that’s a pretty clear indicator that you’re dealing with seasonal allergies.

Do you have a fever?

A fever is quite unlikely if you’re experiencing seasonal allergies, but comes part and parcel with a cold. We all have memories of our mother checking our temperature as a kid. While we’d wonder if we’re sick enough to skip school – that was never caused by allergies, but a passing cold making its way through the school.

Sudden or creeping symptoms?

If symptoms are almost immediate, it’s a sign of allergies. But if they start with you feeling a bit tired and then develop further into stronger symptoms that are far more characteristic of a cold. Symptoms of a cold usually subside within one or two weeks, but seasonal allergies can stick around all through the winter (but you may find them ease up outdoors!).

Seasonal allergies or a Cold?

The only way to be sure if you’re experiencing allergies is through an allergy test. If you’re still unsure after going through these three indicators whether you’re dealing with a cold or winter allergies, you can get an allergy test to find a definitive answer.