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Food sensitivities are far more common than allergies. Certain foods can leave you feeling unwell with symptoms such as headaches, stomach pains and skin problems, without being life-threatening or leading to a severe impact on your health as an allergy would do. However, these symptoms are still troublesome to withstand, so it is understandable you’ll want to get to the root of the problem. That’s where a comprehensive food sensitivity test comes in.

Our home test kits will help you discover more about your body and the food types which could be causing the adverse reaction. Once the test is complete, you’ll be able to identify precisely what you’re sensitive to and it will merely be a case of adjusting your diet accordingly.

Hair tests

By taking a small sample of hair, Test Your Intolerance are able to analyse a wealth of data to get a better understanding of the foods you may be sensitive to.

These non-invasive hair tests use bioresonance technology to look at the reactions to particular food and drink ingredients. They are a common way of discovering what your body dislikes. The testing of the hair is considered a holistic form of therapy and is a well-streamlined form of testing.

Blood tests

lab testing

There are a variety of blood tests that can be used to identify an underlying food sensitivity. Like allergy tests they look for immunoglobulin antibodies that react to certain food types.

When the body produces these antibodies to an otherwise harmless substance, it can be detected in the blood, meaning that we can update you accordingly on what to avoid.

Unlike hair tests, this type may take a few days to find out the full results, but the significant upside is that you will often have a detailed guide on your body’s sensitivities and metabolism for breaking down foods.

Get a test today

For over ten years, Test Your Intolerance has been helping people get to the bottom of their food sensitivities and providing a straightforward solution for identifying where changes could be made in their lifestyle.

There is no need to visit a GP surgery or doctor’s office. instead, you can easily take the food sensitivity test from the comfort of your own home with the results being emailed back to you in no time.

Available to purchase from anywhere in the world, our tests can be on your doorstep in a matter of days. Get yours online today.