Can a healthy diet stop Cancer? | Test Your Intolerance

Your diet may not affect cancer in the way that you suspect. By simply searching the term ‘cancer’ on the internet, you will be faced with millions of ‘symptoms to look out for’, ‘tricks to avoid cancer’, and ‘foods that you should eat’. Below are 5 myths which have been debunked by Cancer Research UK about how a healthy diet can prevent cancer. 

1) Cancer is caused by ourselves

Yep, this is a myth according to Cancer Research UK. They point out that the prevalence of lifestyle-related diseases is on the rise, the biggest threat to cancer is actually age and not a healthy diet. There are many stories going around that being on the phone can cause you cancer, or eating burnt toast can cause you to have cancer but these are not completely true. A healthy lifestyle and diet can have an impact on the risk of individuals getting cancer, but they are not solely the cause. We would still encourage you to be active and follow a healthy diet in order to optimise your health.

2) There are foods which prevent cancer

Eating lots of broccoli and drinking lots of green tea is part of a healthy and balanced diet, but can it prevent cancer? The answer is no. Other items including Garlic and Beetroot are labelled ‘superfoods’, but again, this is not actually the case and is another myth debunked. Of course, you should always follow a healthy diet and vary what you are eating, but eating superfoods only will not improve your chances of avoiding cancer specifically. The best things to do include doing exercise, cutting back on junk food and alcohol and also not smoking. If you think that the foods that you are eating are causing an issue then you can order an intolerance test here.

3) Some diets cause cancer

There is a theme developing here… A healthy diet is good for your health but diets themselves do not solely reduce or improve the risk of cancer. They can help you to be healthy, but there are many factors which may cause cancer, including your lifestyle and whether you smoke or not. You can make sure you are eating the right foods and getting the right nutrients into your body by taking an intolerance test, but an acidic diet, in particular, will not cause cancer directly. Cancer Research UK states that eating lots of green vegetables is certainly healthy, but does not have a direct effect on the risk of long-term disease.

4) ‘Too much sugar?’ Don’t worry

This is another thing you can ignore, as there is an idea going around that sugar causes cancer. It doesn’t, and it could actually be harmful to your health if sugar is completely banished from your diet. Your healthy diet must be based on nutritional and scientific facts, so you should stick to the facts of healthy eating advice, all of which have been shown to work.

5) A healthy diet cures cancer

Nope, it doesn’t. There are no foods or ingredients in particular which cure cancer. Following a healthy diet will make you feel happier, healthier and better in yourself, but it will not cure cancer. Make sure you are getting the right nutrients and minerals into your diet by ordering an intolerance test today.

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