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So many people come to Test Your Intolerance to ask us the same question: “Why am I always tired?”. Well, the main reason we can give people is that they have a food intolerance or a food allergy. Food allergies and intolerances are major causes of fatigue and headaches. Are you struggling to wake up in the morning and wondering why you are feeling sluggish? We may have the answer for you…

Why am I always tired?

The answer usually lies between stress and food intolerance. Yes, that’s right, the answer to all your stress-related symptoms could actually be due to wheat intolerance. Eating bread or toast in the morning may leave you feeling tired all the time. No one ever thinks of it like this, but you would be surprised at how common the answer lies in someone’s diet. Fatigue is certainly not something anyone should take seriously, especially when it is constant. Ease yourself into a routine of eliminating wheat from your diet and you’ll be amazed at the results.

The answer could lie in an intolerance test

Yes. Test Your Intolerance sell intolerance tests. We know that, but we also help you to deal with the symptoms that are caused by an intolerance. Getting to the bottom of the question ‘why am I always tired?’ is important, but it is not always easy. The answer often lies in a food intolerance test. BUT, it does not always mean it is automatically an intolerance. Food intolerance does not always necessarily cause your fatigue though, and if you have suffered from constant tiredness then it is better to either confirm that it is a food intolerance, or not, rather than guess.

How common are food intolerances?

Half the issue with not many people asking: “why am I always tired?” is that it is more common than people realise. People around the world, not just in the UK are not aware of the prevalence of both allergies and intolerances. The good news is that there are now methods to combat both allergies and intolerances. All you need to do is order an intolerance or allergy test and learn what it is that is causing your symptoms. Your fatigue can disappear if you embark on a healthy diet. For more information on intolerance testing, click here. Start your journey to a healthier diet TODAY.

Here’s how it works. Whether it is weight loss, tiredness or general headaches, we can help you discover the new you!