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One of the tastiest holidays is one that you don’t hear about often: Culinarian’s Day. This special holiday draws attention to the talented culinary professionals who make it their job to make our plates look and taste amazing. Food is more about what it looks like and tastes like, though. It’s also a big area for safety and innovation about food allergies and food intolerances. If you get allergy and intolerance testing, you may feel as though you are restricted. But this doesn’t have to be the case! An allergy or intolerance diagnosis can be the perfect opportunity to enjoy even more kitchen creativity. Delve deeper into Culinarian’s Day and Take a look for yourself!

Professional food creativity with allergies and intolerances in mind

If you aren’t sure of that statement above, you aren’t alone. Restaurants and professional chefs do not have time or the motivation to take allergy-friendly cooking seriously, right? It turns out that they do!

For example, MasterChef Italia’s esteemed judge, Giorgio Locatelli. He is a perfect example of real-life allergy-friendly cooking in action. Known for top-quality Italian cooking, Locatelli’s daughter, Margherita, had bad reactions to a lot of tomato-based foods.

After anaphylactic reactions, the family discovered she was allergic to tomatoes, among other foods. Seeing how severe her reactions were, Locatelli focused on how to keep his daughter away from all allergens but also how to change his cooking. He wanted to ensure that she could still enjoy it the same as everyone else.

The first step to understanding what she was allergic to was recording everything she ate and her reactions. Even if she had to avoid dangerous foods, they didn’t want her to develop a fear or phobia of new foods or the food itself. A varied diet is important for nutrition and essential for children to enjoy their childhood. They must see food as a good thing rather than a scary and dangerous thing.

Giorgio Locatelli’s approach to cooking changed as a direct reaction to his daughter. He did his best cooking after knowing what could happen to someone eating an allergen-containing food.

He explained that allergen-friendly cooking is not a hindrance but instead an opportunity. You can learn more about food craftsmanship. There are so many alternatives out there for ingredient substitutions that making good food out of allergy-safe ingredients is not restrictive. You must become knowledgeable on food ingredients, their performance, and cross-contamination.

Margherita outgrew her tomato allergy. She can now enjoy many of her famous father’s delicious tomato-based creations. This is an excellent reason why parents should consider allergy and intolerance testing for their children. Childhood food allergies are very common and can cause mild to severe reactions. With a combination of GP-recommended exposure and avoidance, many children outgrow their allergies.

What is allergy-friendly cuisine?Creating Allergy Friendly Cuisine on Culinarian's Day

So, if professional culinarians can do it, the everyday attentive parent can do it, too. It starts with a detailed understanding of what allergy-friendly cuisine is. It’s a diet plan adjusted around food allergies and food intolerances. As such, allergy and intolerance testing should be the first step to getting accurate detail, you need to do this.

Sometimes allergy-friendly cooking is simple. It could be swapping out eggs for water or applesauce. It may mean cornmeal instead of breadcrumbs. It might involve relying on almond butter instead of peanut butter.

It comes down to understanding where the food triggers are and how to avoid them for everyone’s safety.

How to get more creative at home with allergy-friendly recipes

That leads to learning how those at home can take on allergen-friendly meals as our beloved culinarians do. We can also learn to make excellent, delicious, and nutritious foods. We just need to focus on the proper steps and approach for tasty results.

It’s not something that you need to do alone, much like Locatelli explained above. There is plenty of information to help you shift and adjust as needed. For example, Allergy UK has a searchable, organised list of real-life everyday recipes. They can help you tailor your searches and recipes to the allergens you want to avoid. And that’s one of many examples out there.

On Culinarian’s Day, There is no reason that anyone with an allergy or intolerance has to miss out on flavour, creativity, nutrition, or enjoyment. It’s about knowing where to look. We have learned how experts such as Giorgio Locatelli handle severe food allergies. It helps us see that an allergen-friendly and intolerance-friendly diet can be as versatile as we want. We just have to get the correct information and motivation to guide us.  Use Culinarian’s Day as the perfect excuse to add variety and exploration into your diet!