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Finding time to get into a gym when you have a busy life is not always a priority. But many of us still harbour dreams of a body which they comfortable with, one they’re happy showing off on the beach during the summer holidays. So the at-home workout becomes your solution. But, gone are the days of Mr Motivator putting you through your paces in the morning. Accessing a good quality home workout that hits all key muscle groups is becoming more and more difficult.

That is why Test Your Intolerance have put together this complete body workout which hits all of the big muscle groups and will help you achieve that toned body of your dreams. We’ll also take a look at why allergy testing could stop you from being held back from your #bodygoals. To make it as accessible as possible, we’ve kept equipment to a minimum; all you will need is either a dumbbell or, failing that, a moderately heavy item you can comfortably hold for an extended period.

Bodyweight Squats (legs, core, lower back)

Sets: 3
Repetitions: 12

The squat is one of the most familiar movements in fitness. Fitness models, bodybuilders & powerlifters the world over consider it one of the most complete body exercises any lifter can use to build strength and muscle. To varying degrees, experienced lifters will load up the bars for this movement. But, as beginners, we’re going to utilise the movement itself to get the results we’re looking for. So here is your guide to the bodyweight squat:


Push-Ups (Chest & triceps)

Sets: 3
Repetitions: To failure (where you can no longer complete a repetition)

Push-ups have historically featured in war movies as a punishment for misbehaviour by soldiers. “Get down and give me 100!” is a commonly-heard phrase in film. But, practically, it is a tried and tested way of growing musculature within the chest and triceps. Many people find this exercise challenging and so we will offer an alternative for people who can’t yet perform a full push-up. Here is your guide to the push-up

push ups allergy testing


Bicep Curl (Biceps)

Sets: 3
Repetitions: 12

Probably the best-known muscle due to the popularity of showing them off, the bicep is the front portion of the upper arm. When you bend at the arm, the bicep shortens which gives that familiar “peak” appearance. Biceps are useful for lifting items from around knee height up to chest height. The bicep curl does require the addition of resistance, so, for this movement, grab your dumbbell or weighted item.

bicep curl


Single Arm Rows (Upper Back & Biceps)

Sets: 3
Repetitions: 12

The single-arm row is probably less well-known to the workout novice but is undoubtedly popular amongst experienced trainers. This movement is called a row because it utilises a rowing motion to maximise the engagement of the lats. The lats are the muscle that gives the famous V-shape to the back. Here we talk you through the single-arm row;


Sit-Ups (Abdominals)

Sets: 3
Repetitions: 10

Ripped six-pack or toned stomach. We all have our dreams of how our abdominals should look. It is important to remember that, as Arnold Schwarzenegger once said: “abs are made in the kitchen.” You can do all the sit-ups in the world but, until you get your diet right (something allergy testing can help with), you won’t see those abs. Exercise certainly helps, however. So here is how to perform the sit-up:


Allergy Testing

Following this workout will help you hit all of the key muscle groups you need to get a complete body workout. As we mentioned, getting a diet right is essential to achieving your body goals. If you’re eating foods that don’t agree with you, you could experience bloating. You might also experience symptoms that make working out difficult such as shortness of breath and fatigue. Allergy testing can help you identify the foods and substances that might be holding you back from achieving your dream body. We have a range of allergy testing to suit your budget.