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Is there a relationship between fatigue and food intolerance? You need to know what is causing your symptoms as tiredness and headaches can have a serious impact on your social and work life. Food intolerances could be the cause of your tiredness, so it is important to take an intolerance test.

If you have been poorly and suffered from headaches and tiredness, but you have not identified what is causing these issues, then you may have a food intolerance.

But what is fatigue?

Tiredness is common in people, especially in the UK, and there is an increasing number of people who are suffering from fatigue. It can often be alleviated by getting plenty of rest. BUT, if you do suffer from food intolerance, then it is likely that you will continue to suffer from fatigue every time you consume that food.

Why do feel tired?

Fatigue is a survival mechanism. The body tries to conserve energy and presents you from doing exercise and walking. If your fatigue lasts a long time then you should investigate the matter further. You should make sure that this symptom is not caused by food intolerance, and if food intolerance is not highlighted, then you should consult your GP or a Health Professional further.

Other symptoms alongside fatigue

If you think you might have a food intolerance, then you will be wanting to understand if this is the reason you are experiencing intolerance symptoms. Other symptoms include headaches, a bloated stomach, and skin rashes. An intolerance test is able to identify what foods are likely to cause these symptoms.

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