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With Christmas just around the corner, it is definitely time to determine your food intolerances. So why not do that with one of the best food intolerance tests around? Take a look below at what you can get when you order a food intolerance test.

Banishing of intolerance symptoms

Are you suffering from headaches, a bloated stomach, skin rashes or even fatigue, then you definitely need to order an intolerance test today in order to identify what your food triggers are, including gluten, dairy, wheat, yeast or nuts. All you need to do is send us a sample of your hair and we will analyse it against up to 725 items. The results will highlight what items you have an intolerance to and which foods you need to avoid in order to feel happier and healthier.

The Elite Blood Intolerance test

Do you want to order an elite blood intolerance test to identify your intolerances? An alternative to bioresonance hair testing, this new testing kit helps to identify what items are causing you to suffer from intolerance symptoms. It is a simple finger-prick blood test which gets sent straight to your door, and you then post your sample back to us. From there, you will receive your results from us in an email which will indicate which foods you need to remove from your diet.

What are food intolerances?

Of course, we wouldn’t expect to purchase an intolerance test if you didn’t even know what a food intolerance is. But honestly, some people do not. They put certain symptoms like a headache, a bloated stomach or skins rashes down to other factors and never actually think ‘is it food that is causing me the problem?’

Well, now you will. If you suspect or even realise that there is a correlation between what you eat and how you are feeling, then you can confirm your thoughts by ordering an intolerance test. So, have you eaten too much and are now feeling rough? Make sure it isn’t a food intolerance that is making you feel like this.

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