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Having got your intolerance testing results, it is time to do an elimination diet! But what does this entail and what does it feel like after you have completed your diet? Well, why not find out from people who have done it themselves? This new feature will see a series of blogs from people who have done intolerance testing and they let us know what their thoughts on their experience were. From there, we asked people who had done an elimination diet in the past after intolerance testing and what their thoughts and feelings were.

Intolerance Testing Experiences

“I had a delightful time identifying my intolerances and going through the entire process with Test Your Intolerance. Of course, it didn’t start that way because of how I was feeling. I ordered an intolerance test online and the process was very thorough and easy, despite me having a horrendous headache at the time! This headache was one of the reasons I was desperate to try intolerance testing, as I was bored of feeling unwell.

“Once I received my results from Test Your Intolerance, I read through the report which was slightly long, but I suppose that is a good thing as it literally covered everything I needed to know. It listed which items I should try removing from my diet which will mean that I do not feel unwell every time I eat.”

The Elimination Diet

“I did the elimination diet and felt so much better straight away. But being honest, I haven’t shared the bad news yet. The bad news is that I have an intolerance to wheat!! Even worse, wheat is in everything I ever eat! I felt so disappointed when I received my results because as a keen baker, wheat is what I live for, which isn’t ideal when you have a wheat intolerance. However, I didn’t panic and I sat back for a couple of hours to try and let it all sink in.

“After a couple of hours have passed, I began to think about my new diet. I cleared everything from the cupboards with a close sell-by-date which contained wheat and then headed off to the shops begrudgingly to plan my meals. After my intolerance test, I was worried about my results but it was actually the shopping I didn’t like. You have to look at the ingredients so closely.”

The symptoms

“What is important to note for anyone who is considering doing intolerance testing, is that I felt loads better after taking the test and removing wheat from my diet. A recommended elimination diet only has to last 28 days but I did 6 weeks to make myself feel a lot better! I don’t know what else I can say other than letting everyone know how much better I feel in myself without any of my symptoms.”

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