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Make sure you are eating healthily and consuming the right foods for you with an intolerance test. If you are experiencing symptoms like a bloated stomach, headaches, nausea or even fatigue then it could be because of what you are eating.

How can I tell if I am eating healthily?

A food intolerance test would be able to help you understand whether or not feeling intolerance symptoms is caused by your diet. While food intolerances can affect the way people live both their work and social lives, some people turn to salads and fruit to save them from their bloated stomach. However, research has suggested that a person can develop an intolerance to anything if they eat too much of it.

At Test Your Intolerance, we operate with a dedication of helping our customers to be both happy and healthy! We encourage our customers to leave us reviews on our facebook page or to email us their experience of doing a food intolerance test.

A couple of months ago, we bought you a customer who was very impressed with their intolerance testing results and they told us how good they felt after they had done an elimination diet. Many people have told us about their own experiences at Test Your Intolerance and here is one more for you to add to the list:

Why I ordered a food intolerance test!

“Eventually, enough was enough. I decided I had to order a food intolerance test because every time I drank a glass of milk or ate cheese I was really struggling with a bloated stomach. However, my stomach problems did not stop there, I was suffering from severe constipation and diarrhoea as well, and it always seemed to be after I had eaten.

“It was affecting me at work and so I looked up what could be causing my bloated stomach. The first results that showed up were Test Your Intolerance and so I looked into it.

Allergy testing and intolerance testing were all they talked about and immediately I realised that it was probably a food intolerance or allergy that I was struggling with. My bloated stomach was causing me too many issues and I thought, I must give it a try.”

What did the allergy testing results say?

“Honestly, I was a bit surprised by the results. I was not surprised that milk showed up, and I knew I would have to do an elimination diet to help me manage my symptoms. This meant no more cereal in the mornings for six weeks, and no more milkshakes. But fortunately, an intolerance is not forever, so I knew if I was good with my diet and I moderated the right things, I would be able to reintroduce milk and dairy products back into my diet.

“Low and behold, after removing milk from my diet for six weeks, I felt magnificent. That is not even an exaggeration, I was thrilled and I tried a milkshake the next day. It felt amazing as I did not experience a bloated stomach or a headache. Without going into too much detail, I was thrilled with the results.”

Intolerances I was found to have

“Interestingly, and this is the bit that surprises me, I was found to be 100% intolerant to wheat and mustard as well as milk. Fortunately, mustard is not a key part of my diet, but wheat definitely is! Popping across the shop to get a sandwich will not be something that I am doing for the next six weeks.

“This wheat intolerance may also be what was causing my bloated stomach and any other issues. All I can say is I am looking forward to reevaluating my diet after finding out about my wheat intolerance, dairy intolerance and intolerance to mustard!

No more bloated stomach

“Hopefully, my summer body will not be too far away thanks to an intolerance test! No more bloated stomach for me!”

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