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Have you been enjoying the heatwave this Summer? Of course, you have! Although some of us are looking slightly more sunburnt (yes, we’re looking at some of the team at Test Your Intolerance), it has been one of the more enjoyable British summers. It’s also been extremely beneficial, as you are more than likely lying in the sun and soaking the vitamin D into your bones. However, if you are suffering from a lack of nutrition, in this case, Magnesium, then you will not absorb this Vitamin. If you are suffering from a lack of magnesium, whether it be because of a food sensitivity or many other reasons, then we have come up with some solutions to help you out.

A food sensitivity can impact severely on your life in many ways. To make sure you are eating the correct amount of vitamins and ingesting the right amount of magnesium, you should have a look at some of the foods which Test Your Intolerance have put together to help you ensure you have the correct amount of vitamins, most notably Magnesium.

1) Fruit

We’ve all heard of eating Five-A-Day, and how important this is to make sure we live the most out of making our lives. This is even truer if we are suffering from a food sensitivity in other areas of our diet. To ensure that we are getting the highest amount of magnesium that we require, we must consume a lot of fruit, including avocados and bananas! They are vital to our long-term health.

2) Leap like a Salmon

Consuming Salmon, Tuna and other fishy food can also be of great benefit to you. Loaded with magnesium, fish can provide you with the nutrition you need to guarantee that you can live a healthy life, particularly if you have a food sensitivity to other foods which are rich in magnesium.

3) Dark Chocolate (!)

Yep, eating all that dark chocolate in times gone by has actually been of benefit to you (But you knew that already didn’t you?). Consuming dark chocolate will likely wash away the symptoms that you have been facing thanks to your food sensitivity, which could include insomnia or headaches. If you do have a food sensitivity to foods containing magnesium, then Dark chocolate is the way to go!

4) You’ve gone nuts

Nuts can be good. Not necessarily the common pub food that has been sitting there for days, but things like almond nuts and other sees can provide your body with the magnesium that it is craving. Consuming nuts as a snack is the perfect alternative to make sure you are able to absorb the Vitamin D that the sun is desperate to provide your body with.

5) Green Veg

For many, green vegetables can be scary. However, if you are suffering from a magnesium deficiency, then green veg can be the perfect solution for you. Remember, if there is a lack of nutrition and vitamins in your body then your body may not be able to cope and you may experience the symptoms of certain sensitivities.

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