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A food intolerance is when someone has difficulty digesting certain foods, as well as having an unpleasant reaction which can affect your social and work life. A food intolerance can cause a wide variety of symptoms, including bloating, stomach pain and diarrhea. These symptoms can usually arise a few hours after you have ingested a certain food, or up to 72 hours later. Are you wondering how Test Your Intolerance can help? By offering food sensitivity testing to those around the UK. Food intolerances are very similar to food sensitivities and so food sensitivity testing can help you to identify your intolerances and look forward to a happier and healthier life

What are the symptoms of a food intolerance?

Becoming more prominent, the number of people who believe they have a food intolerance is consistently on the rise. With food packaging and labelling being scrutinised heavily, people are becoming more aware of food intolerances and what they mean. Many people assume that they have a food sensitivity when the true cause of their symptoms may be something else. If you think that you do have a food sensitivity, then you may tend to experience tummy pain, bloating, gas and diarrhea. Skin rashes and itching have also been noted by the NHS as symptoms of a food intolerance.

Why you should take a food intolerance test?

If you have taken a food intolerance test, then you are able to identify what items are causing your symptoms. Test Your Intolerance offer a range of tests which can be perfect for you in identifying your sensitivities. It is best to take a food intolerance test because your symptoms may be caused by a range of other conditions. After you have taken a test then you can monitor your symptoms by keeping a food diary. See what happens when you cut out the suspected food for a while and then you can reintroduce it back into your diet after a while.

Do an elimination diet!

Once you have identified your intolerances, you can do an elimination diet. This is a good idea if you are highlighted to have intolerances, as you can manage your symptoms and eventually feel the best you can! By eliminating your harmful foods from your diet you can become a happier and healthier you. Food sensitivity testing has been proved to be extremely beneficial around the UK so if you do have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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