Growing a Better Future: The Significance of Movember - Test Your Intolerance

Everyone in the UK has heard of Movember by now. This viral, popular, and global-reaching campaign is long-awaited each year and has earned itself a household name as a result. Are you curious about how it came to be? Do you want to know what causes it campaigns for and how it can lead many empowered men to consider a prostate health test? If so, then keep reading! It’s all there below.

The origin of Movember

Let’s start with the basics, shall we? Movember officially started back in 2003 as a conversation between two friends in a bar in Melbourne, Australia. They were joking around about bringing the mustache (aka “mo”) back into style as a fashion statement. They convinced their mates to grow a mustache for the month of November and, as further incentive, created a campaign for men’s health.

The inspiration for the campaign came from learning about how a mate’s mother was fundraising avidly for breast cancer. They decided that Movember would be the perfect platform to get support for men’s health issues, and they chose prostate cancer.

This later expanded to include testicular cancer and general men’s health issues that often don’t get the recognition they deserve. Twenty years later, Movember has become a globally recognised campaign for men’s health issues and has a special focus on starting a discussion about men advocating for men to speak out about their health issues.

Is Movember a big deal?

Movember is a big deal, particularly in the UK. It is now a global charity focusing on men’s health issues, specifically — the only one to do so. There are over 5 million formal supporters of Movember worldwide, and it has sparked and funded over 1,200 health projects for men’s health. To date, Movember has raised over £400 million for men’s health issues.Over 5 million people support movember worldwide

Movember’s biggest benefits

No longer is Movember a fun competition between mates. It has grown into a cultural and global event that brings men and women together to start meaningful conversations about men’s health. There are many benefits to Movember, including the following:

It starts the conversation about prostate health

As men get older, prostate health should become a priority. Movember has helped start and maintain a conversation about prostate cancer, motivating many men to get a prostate health test as a way to empower themselves and their needs.

It helps put the money into men’s health

Another main benefit is that it has significantly supported research and health programs that target men’s health needs — physical and mental. This has always been at the heart of Movember’s movement, and it remains true to this day.

Stops the stigma

Men are expected, historically, to be strong and stoic. However, men have needs in terms of emotional, mental, and physical health. Movember helps give a voice to men who want to speak out about their health needs. It encourages and empowers men to take action, ask their GP or health professional for help, and get the treatment they deserve. Without this advocacy, too many men will feel trapped in the stigma of history and die young, too afraid to ask for help.

Movember’s legacy

If you want to be a part of all of Movember’s positivity, you can do that in various ways. Some are practical ones, such as considering donating to Movember’s campaigns. You can also consider using it as a launchpad to start an open conversation about prostate cancer, the role of a prostate health test, and the importance of regular screening with the men in your life.

There are many charities and organisations that put together a Movember campaign every year worldwide. You can offer your support to those by volunteering to help you in whatever way you can, locally. This is a wonderful option for those who want to actively do their part to help keep the conversation about men’s health going long after November ends.

As Movember rolls around again and men worldwide put away their shaving kits to help grow a photo-worthy mo, supporters will gather to do their part for men’s health. Now that you know all about the benefits and main goals of Movember, you’ll be in the perfect position to do the same! Will you grow a mo of your own? Will you choose to support prostate or testicular cancer research? What avenue will you take to show your advocacy for Movember? Whichever one you choose, it’ll be a wonderful experience!