Helping Your Bloated Stomach | Test Your Intolerance

Allergy testing can help your bloated stomach, your nausea, your headaches, and your stomach issues in ways you never knew! In fact, the allergy and intolerance symptoms that you have been experiencing could actually be caused by food items and non-food items, and not merely coincidences. Think about your diet and think about the symptoms you experience, it could be that you are suffering from allergies and intolerances, which you never even thought about.

Allergy testing – What it involves

Allergy testing involves finding out what food items are causing your bloated stomach and headaches. Could it be that your favourite foods, including hamburgers, cheese, and milk could actually be what is causing your uncomfortable symptoms? With our Elite testing kits, you can get your blood spot samples tested against 40 Intolerance Items & 25 Allergy Items tested. From here, we post a testing kit directly to your door, alongside an easy-to-use pinprick sample kit. From here, your PDF report can be emailed to your emails, which details your results and gives you a full guide on how to perform an elimination diet. You also get a full guide on how to perform an elimination diet, as well as the full item list available for download.

Description of our allergy test

Get the Elite Plus Allergy and Intolerance test to identify exactly what items you need to avoid for a healthier life. This test includes the 40 most popular food for IgG4 Intolerance Testing and 25 items against IgE Allergy Testing. Imagine living a life free from your symptoms which have held you back in your work and social life all this time. It could have been an allergy all along. If our report does identify that you are suffering from any allergies or intolerances then we do recommend that you consult a doctor immediately to discuss your allergies.

Why is blood testing beneficial for you?

As we have already explained, blood testing can help you rejuvenate your social life in ways you didn’t know possible. Stopping those headaches and that bloated stomach there is no reason why you shouldn’t aim to improve your life. Grab your allergy test today from Test Your Intolerance and get tested for both your intolerances and allergies.

For more information on allergy testing and intolerance testing, please log on to An allergy test could be exactly what you need to improve your health and wellbeing. Start your new diet today.