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With food intolerances on the rise and people experiencing varied symptoms, food intolerance testing has never been more popular. This means that more and more people are being able to identify their symptoms and figure out what is causing their issues. As such, we at Test Your Intolerance have explored the link between a food allergy, a food intolerance and IBS.

Prevalence of IBS

IBS is increasingly prevalent, with up to 20% of the UK population suffering from various forms of IBS. Amongst these, there is an equally high number of people who do not feel in possession of their own IBS triggers. This means that people spend most of their days struggling, and failing, to deal with and cope with its often-unpleasant symptoms.

At Test Your Intolerance, food intolerance testing is very important as it helps people to identify what is causing their symptoms. Creating happier and healthier people, the simple and painless intolerance testing procedure means that drink and food intolerance testing can be used to identify what foods are causing the problem. With the test being easy and affordable to perform, there are thousands of people who have already used out tests for intolerances, and as such have freed themselves of the shackles that leaky guts and fatigue can place upon a person.

Food Intolerance Testing

When identifying what is causing your symptoms, it is important to differentiate between an allergy and an intolerance. Why? Because we test for food intolerances and it will help to explain why you feel as you do. Throughout the world, intolerances are much more common than allergies, and this is why food intolerance testing has become so important.

Many people suspect they are suffering from an allergy due to their body having an adverse reaction to a particular food item, but it is more likely they are actually suffering from an intolerance. The symptoms of an allergy will normally be quick to surface, whereas intolerance symptoms can appear up to two hours later. The reason for the severity of the effects is that an allergy is a triggering of the body’s immune system, which also accounts for the speed of a reaction.

A food intolerance, however, is the result of consuming foods that your body has an issue processing. This is why food intolerance testing is beneficial, as it can help to tell you which foods you should no longer eat, and they are harder to detect due to the length of time the symptoms can take to manifest themselves.

Intolerance symptoms are usually very much milder in comparison to allergies. These include things like bloating and diarrhoea. Unpleasant granted, but not causing any significant threat of causing death.

Should you want to know more about intolerance testing and how we can help, then head over to and speak to our customer service advisors via LiveChat. They are always happy to help and will help you deal with your symptoms, as well as identifying the right test for you