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International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine, also known as IPHM, is an independent institution that accredits and regulates alternative therapists, healers, and beauticians and trains providers to ensure the good and proper practice.

IPHM creates a seal of approval for all these non-mainstream practitioners who conduct proper operations so that customers can find legitimate practitioners whose work has this seal of approval and is regulated. Test Your Intolerance recently became a member of IPHM.

The world has currently embraced holistic and alternative medicine. Hence, there is a need to get these institutions accredited and regulated so that customers know who to trust. When everyone is selling the same things meant to help you naturally improve your health, it can be hard to know who to trust when the industry is flooded.

So, IPHM helps customers know who to trust by giving accreditation and allowing members who they believe to be honest and whose work is helpful to the general public without causing harm.

When a company is a member of IPHM, it gets to build a positive reputation in the industry and use the IPHM logo on its products. You get to be part of a group of other holistic companies and therapists offering quality service to customers. Test Your Intolerance is happy to be a part of this team.


IPHM is a regulated body whose main objective is to provide the general public with a body of regulated professionals. To be part of IPHM, there are course levels an individual company needs to pass to earn this accreditation. All members are assessed and checked individually so that the general public and healthcare professionals can be confident in them.

These accredited courses show a high level of quality, and that’s what every company aims to achieve. IPHM also offers subscription levels for practitioners as well as training. Getting these subscriptions is a great way of promoting business and assuring clients or customers that you’re still the best provider with the needed qualifications in the industry.

IPHM offers the highest list of approved modalities worldwide for spiritual, holistic, and natural therapies. So this allows you to assure consumers globally of your authenticity and qualifications. Once you’re part of IPHM, you can use the Test Your Intolerance IPHM logo to promote materials, student awards and certificates.

The IPHM membership also ensures that you can promote your business to thousands of customers via their social media and website. You will therefore get the much-needed exposure for your business and gain more customers. This added IPHM credibility could boost your business and allow you to gain the trust of many customers. Here’s our IPHM profile if you’d like to learn more.