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We British folk love a good pie. Whether it’s a good ol’ steak and kidney pie from the local chip shop, a flavoursome Mediterranean tart in your favourite a la carte restaurant, or even a warm blackberry pie with cream for dessert. Pie can do no wrong, and as we look out of our office window to 8 inches of snow, there’s nothing else we’d rather have for dinner.

If you suffer with intolerances, then pie might be on your list of things to avoid, especially if you’re triggered by dairy or gluten products. But as it’s British Pie Week next week, we’ve gathered some of our favourite ‘free from’ recipe’s so that we can all have a slice of that pie…

Jamie Oliver’s Gluten Free Curried Vegetable Pie

Ah, thank you Jamie Oliver for introducing us to this gluten-free pastry! With spicy winter vegetables packed inside, this dish really is a taste sensation. Plus, the pastry is so good, you’d never know the difference!


Dairy Free Filo Topped Chicken, Leek & Ham Pie

A classic chicken, leek and ham pie with a filo pastry, brushed in dairy-free Flora to give it a crisp, golden look – what more could you want? Indulge in this on a cold weekend evening with some steamed vegetables on the side.


Vegan Potato, Rosemary and Onion Pie

Tesco have shared the recipe for this vegan friendly potato, rosemary and onion pie. Packed with all of those traditional hearty flavours and topped with a vegan ready-rolled pastry – this is great for those who need to avoid animal products such as egg.