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Any symptoms of a food intolerance or allergy can have a detrimental effect on your life. Coming in both a physical and mental form, such as fatigue or headaches, it is essential that you identify which food or non-food items may be causing your symptoms. If you think you do have an intolerance then you may often find yourself asking the same question every time you feel under the weather: ‘How do I test my intolerance?’ Well, we have answered your question.   

1) Self-Diagnosis is a No-No

Self-diagnosing is not always the best option. This is because you can sometimes misdiagnose your symptoms and you end up cutting out eating a food or stop partaking in an activity that is actually beneficial to you. So, if you have a headache and are having that same thought again: ‘How do I test my intolerance?’ then you should take an intolerance test and figure out exactly which items may be impacting on your body.

2) How severe are your symptoms?

Research has shown that many people actually misdiagnose themselves as having an intolerance or allergy to certain foods when actually their issues are much more severe, or sometimes less severe. An intolerance to pollen could lead to someone believing they have a common cold due to a runny nose and a headache when actually they are suffering from hayfever. However, because they think it is only a cold, they do not think about visiting a Doctor, and therefore run the risk of their symptoms getting worse.

3) You do not want to misdiagnose other Symptoms

Other potentially harmful examples of people misdiagnosing themselves include Gluten or Lactose intolerances. You may think that you have an intolerance to gluten because everytime you munch on a food that has gluten in it, you feel unwell. This is not always the case though, and in fact, IBS can often be misdiagnosed as having a gluten intolerance. This is a mistake that can cause long-term damage and dramatically undermine someone’s quality of life. So, can you remember the answer to your own question? How can I test my intolerance? Head over to and take a look around, as we find the perfect solution for you.

4) How can you help me Test My Intolerance?

At Test Your Intolerance, we are always looking to help you diagnose your intolerances safely and securely. Why? Because we know how important it is that you stay away from your offending foods and how serious it can be if you ignore your symptoms. With our intolerance tests, you can make sure that your symptoms of food intolerances do not compromise future gut health.

So, now you have learned the importance of diagnosing your food intolerances for what they are, taking away the risk of more severe allergies or symptoms that are less severe, you can now put that question of ‘How can I test my intolerance?’ to the back of your mind. If you do want to know more, then please head over to and find out more. our Customer Service advisors are always happy to help and will do their best to find the right solution for you.