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With Test Your Intolerance, you can prevent an intolerance with a food intolerance test. The chances are, you have a food intolerance against certain kind of foods, and you have ended up on this site for good reason.

A Food Intolerance Test can help you identify your Dairy Intolerance

Having a food intolerance is not nice at all, and it means you cannot eat the things that everyone else consumes on a regular basis. So, in this case, you have a lot of people who suffer from lactose intolerance, this tends to mean that you cannot eat anything Dairy-related.

Dairy is something that is common, and it is never pleasant to not be able to consume dairy. It is also possible that you do not know yourself if you are ill or if you have a food intolerance unless you take a food intolerance test. This can make things a little tougher. Scroll on to see how a Test Your Intolerance test would benefit you.

Take a Test with Test Your Intolerance

If you are looking to identify your food intolerance, then you should choose a food intolerance test which is right for you. This means you will be able to discover exactly what items are causing you harm. You may simply have overindulged on a certain food whether it be your favourite food or something from the café, but it is still not nice to live with a food intolerance.

What happens during an Intolerance Test

Did you know that by seeing someone’s hair you get a good picture of the genes of this person? By studying the hair you can see what kind of DNA this person has. A Food Intolerance is therefore really locked up in the DNA, and by looking at how this is done you can see what kind of trouble someone experiences in daily life.

Why the hair?

No other part of the body contains as much DNA as the hair, and this is really the best way to understand someone’s food intolerances. You really do not have to be afraid of a test, because we only need a few hairs from you. By choosing the test which is right for you, you can simply identify your intolerances with us.

What are the symptoms?

Some people think that they have a food intolerance and so they keep a food diary to try and identify their intolerance. When noting down your foods and symptoms, you may realise that you always get abdominal pain after drinking a glass of milk. By taking the test you will discover whether this is indeed due to lactose or that it may have a completely different cause.

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