Simple Croissant Recipe | Test Your Intolerance

Been following the Great British Bake Off? Who are you rooting for? Briony, Dan or Ruby? With Pastry Week coming up, we have decided to provide you with a recipe which we think will benefit those of you who are battling against food intolerances. Of course, whilst also providing you with exciting recipes, we are also here to help. To find out the right test for food intolerance for you, please log on to

Fancy making some croissants? Check out this healthy recipe which we’ve adapted in order to ensure you can keep up your healthy diet whilst also tucking into some tasty treats. If you do think that you may have an intolerance to any of the listed ingredients, then please do ask us about a test for food intolerance.

As Croissants are a personal favourite of ours, we have supplied you with all the ingredients you need which will allow you to make and them, whilst feeling happy and healthy at the same time.

Test for food intolerance

Remember, it is important to have a healthy diet even if you do not have any intolerances. You should always value nutrition and ensure you eat the correct foods regardless of your food allergies or food intolerances. If you suspect that you have a food allergy, then please consult your doctor immediately. If you have an allergy to any of the ingredients below then please consult your doctor immediately.

If you have a food intolerance and would like to take a test for food intolerance, then please have a chat with one of our Customer Service advisors who will be happy to assist you with any queries which you may have.

  • 500g strong white flour, plus extra for dusting.
  • Make sure you have 50g of Sugar
  • You must make sure you have oil, this is for greasing,
  • Not intolerant to allergic to butter? Please remember to have 300g of butter, all at room temperature.
  • Plus, a beaten egg.
  • Lastly, don’t forget 1.5 tsp salt.

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